Doering Talks About Visit to Notre Dame

Dan Doering, one of the most sought after OL in the country was in South Bend this past weekend taking in the Notre Dame versus Michigan game on an unofficial visit. The 6'6 290lb tackle prospect from Barrington IL spoke with us about his experience at the game, his current season, as well as recruiting.

Dan Doering's current season isn't going exactly how he wanted it to go. His team is currently 1-2 after losing to Prospect last weekend. Doering does remain encouraged though. "We lost a lot of seniors last year" said Doering. "We're getting better on offense. We should've won last game. We had 3 turnovers in the redzone and only lost be a touchdown. That was the difference in winning and losing. We are getting better though and I refuse to give up. It's still early in the season, and we're going to turn this around."

Doering got a chance to make it to South Bend this past weekend to take in the Michigan game for an unofficial visit. We asked him about his experience. "I had a really good time" said Doering. "We got there kind of late but they took us to the stadium, we went on field, and got to watch a great game. The fans were going crazy. It was a lot of fun" Doering continued.

Doering also said he was pretty impressed with the way the Irish played. "I really liked what I saw. The D really got fired up to play. The offense went out and played well too even though they had some turnovers. They played determined. Brady Quinn is really good. They really wanted it and they deserved the win. It was exciting to watch."

We asked if the visit had an affect on Doering's opinion of Notre Dame? "My opinion of Notre Dame got better. I had a really good time on my visit so I'd say it got better."

Even though Doering was a bit late getting to South Bend, he still got a chance to talk to the coaches. "I think I talked to every single coach including Coach (Tyrone) Willingham. I got there just before game time so the coaches were running around getting prepared for the game when I got there. But I talked to them all. Coach Willingham just told me how the future is really bright and told me how much he wanted me at Notre Dame. He said my class could be great, one of the greatest classes in a long time at Notre Dame."

Doering isn't currently listing any favorites or top five's, but he has a short list of teams that he'll be giving official visits to. "I haven't set up my official visits yet, but Notre Dame, Iowa and Nebraska will be getting visits. I guess people could look at that and say that's my top three, but I haven't been thinking like that. I don't want to take anything away from the other teams that are recruiting me. I'm also looking at Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Ohio State and I'm considering visiting those schools."

Comments: Doering obviously had a great time this weekend. It was an awesome game to take in, and the game experience made a positive impression on Doering. Doering will be taking his official visits, and we think that will ultimately determine where he decides to attend school. Irisheyes will check back with Doering to see if he starts scheduling his official visits. Top Stories