Hiben Still Undecided

Waconia, Minn. tight end prospect Joey Hiben had been hoping to have a final decision made by now. The 6-4, 230-pound tight end/defensive end did all the homework, made all the necessary unofficial visits, gathered all the information needed and thought the decision would be made by now. Unfortunately for Hiben and a few select schools, the decision just might have to wait a little longer.

Tight end prospect Joey Hiben has been busy with his season so far.

"My team is 1-1 right now," said Hiben. "We shouldn't have lost last week. We had a rough game."

Hiben says he's been playing a number of positions for this Waconia high school team.

"I've been playing running back, tight end and defensive end," Hiben said. "In my first game, I had nine carries for 125 yards. I also had a 20-yard catch. We didn't do so well in our second game."

Hiben had been hoping he'd have his college choice made by now so he could focus on his senior season. So far, the talented two-way player hasn't been able to make his final decision.

"I've been doing a lot of thinking," said Hiben. "It's still down to those three schools pretty much--Notre Dame, Purdue and Stanford. I'm not sure when I'll decide. I'm hoping to come up with a decision sometime soon."

Hiben says he's been keeping in contact with most of the schools.

"I talk to coach Mattison once a week," he said. "I've been playing phone tag with the Purdue coaches. I e-mail them all the time. I haven't talked to Stanford for a while, probably a month or so. I sent them an e-mail yesterday just to check in. I was glad to see they beat BYU."

We asked Hiben what was holding up his decision at this point.

"I don't know. I think I like one school for a couple of days, and then I'll say 'what about Purdue?' and I'll start thinking about them," Hiben said. "I just can't get to that point where I'm certain on a school. It will come some day. I don't know if I need to make my official visits or what."

Comments: Hiben seems confused at this point. He hasn't been able to come up with a clear answer so we bet he ends up taking some official visits before making his final decision. Unless a school can get him on campus to try to close the deal, we bet he ends up taking some official visits to decide. We'll check back with Hiben soon to see if he's any closer to deciding.

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