Duncan Sets Irish Visit

Dallas, Ga. offensive line prospect Paul Duncan is starting to set his official visits. The 6-6, 288-pound Duncan has already scheduled an official visit to Notre Dame. Which other schools will get visits from Duncan? Does he plan to take all five official visits? Has he taken any recent unofficial visits? When might Duncan be deciding? We found the answers to these questions and many more in our recent conversation with Duncan.

Offensive lineman Paul Duncan has seen his team off to a good start after winning just one game last season.

"We're 4-1 right now," said Duncan. "It's starting out much better than last year. I'm just playing on the offensive line. I don't play any defense."

Duncan has also started setting up his official visits.

"I have my first visits schedule for Notre Dame on December 4th," Duncan said. "I'm working on setting up Duke and LSU right now. I hope to have them set up soon."

Duncan says he'd like to make some official visits during his season, but that hasn't worked out so far.

"I play basketball and I don't want it to be a problem, but football comes first," said Duncan. "Duke and LSU have said they want me to visit after their seasons, but I don't know how it will fit in my basketball schedule.

"So that's what's been the problem with setting those two up. Hopefully we'll have that worked out soon."

At this point, the top offensive line prospect says he plans to take all five of his official visits.

"I plan to take them all," he said. "I think I'll probably decide sometime in January or sooner. I don't see myself making a decision without taking my visits."

Besides Notre Dame, LSU and Duke, we asked Duncan if he had any idea on who might get the final two visits.

"I'd like to visit UCLA and maybe Oklahoma," said Duncan.

But has Oklahoma offered Duncan? "I'm not sure, but I think they have," he said. "My mom said they have, so I think they have. I'd like to visit there."

We asked Duncan if he's been watching any college football lately.

"I went to the Auburn-Ole. Miss game and the Clemson-Wake Forest game," Duncan said. "Those have been the only two games I've seen this year. I've been busy and I don't watch a lot of college football."

The Irish had been leading the last time we checked in with Duncan. We asked if that was still the case.

"Yeah, Notre Dame is my leader," Duncan said. "I'd say that LSU is probably my No. 2 right now."

Comments: The Irish still appear out in front for Duncan. It appears he'll be coming in for the banquet weekend. We don't expect much to happen with Duncan for quite a while, but we'll keep an eye on him.

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