Paxson Sets One Visit

Greenwood, Ind. defensive end J.B. Paxson is in the middle of his senior season right now--a sesaon he's hoping will turn for the better. The 6-3, 260-pound pass rush specialist has already set his first official visit. Where is Paxson visiting? Will he be visiting Notre Dame? When will he be making his final decision? Irish Eyes spoke to Paxson on Monday night to find out these answers and more.

Defensive end J.B. Paxson is in the middle of his senior season. The senior says his Center Grove high school is young and experiencing some growing pains so far this season.

"We are 2-3 right now," said Paxson. "We're a young team and we're trying to get it together. We took a big step backwards last week with our loss to Ben Davis (high school) last week. We're working on getting better."

Paxson says his stats have also suffered this season.

"I won't lie. My stats are down," said Paxson. "Teams have been trying to stay away from me. I think I have six sacks in five games."

Despite the disappointing senior season, Paxson says he's started planning his official visits.

"I have a visit set for Purdue on November 13th," said Paxson. "I know I'll be visiting Florida and Tennessee as well. I hope to set those visits soon. All three have offered me. They would be my top three at this point.

After those three, I'm not sure where I'll visit. Michigan and Ohio State seem like realistic chances that they will offer. I also like Oklahoma, USC and LSU, but they haven't offered me."

The Irish have slipped on Paxson's list. Paxson says that he hasn't heard a lot from Notre Dame.

"They tried to call me," Paxson said of Notre Dame. "But I haven't spoken to them. I don't know if they put me on the back burner or what. They don't recruit this state that much.

"It might have to do with my SAT scores. My score might not be high enough and I'd have to retake that."

We asked Paxson if he'd be interested in Notre Dame if they started recruiting him more.

"It's always a possibility, but you never know how you are going to react to something until it happens," Paxson said. "I guess I feel slighted so to speak."

Paxson does have his top three at this point, and he says he's not sure he'll need more than those three in the end.

"I don't know if I'll take all three of my visits," Paxson said. "I don't think I'll need that many to make my decision."

Comments: Paxson is an impressive guy and has been a pleasure to speak with. However, it sounds like his interest has dwindled, and he might not have the SAT score to be enrolled currently. We will check back later, but it appears we can cross Paxson off the list at this point. Top Stories