Frierson Still Taking Visits?

Irish Eyes was the first to break the commitment for wide receiver Martin Frierson. We spoke briefly with Frierson on Saturday night to confirm his commitment, but the 6-2, 185-pound wide receiver prospect was busy watching Notre Dame defeat Michigan State so we didn't bother him long. We thought we'd follow up with a story on Notre Dame's latest commitment.

Wide receiver Martin Frierson said his decision to attend Notre Dame became clear last week.

"Everyone had to been saying how great of a place Notre Dame is," Frierson said. "Everyone talked about the degree and how they play big-time football.

"My coach told me that I should just commit and get it out of the way. That way I didn't have to worry about where I was going."

Frierson said he told his coach last Sunday or Monday (September 12-13th) that he was going to commit to Notre Dame, and followed up with his commitment last Wednesday evening when speaking with Irish offensive coordinator Bill Diedrick.

"I told my coach I was going to commit on Sunday or Monday," said Frierson. "I then talked to coach Diedrick on Wednesday. We talked for a while and after our conversation I told him I was committing to Notre Dame."

The Irish offensive coordinator was very excited to hear those words according to Frierson.

"He said I made his day. He was really excited," Frierson said of Diedrick's response to his commitment. "He then got me on the phone with coach Miles and coach Willingham."

The conversation quickly turned to championships when Willingham took the phone.

"Coach Willingham was very blunt," Frierson said. "One of the first things he said was we are going to win the National Championship and he'd be counting on me to help the team do that. I liked hearing that.

"I also spoke to coach Miles and we talked about what he expects from his wide receivers, some of the other players coming in at wide receiver, and what type of coach he was."

The Irish coaching staff was not the only people excited about his commitment to Notre Dame.

"My family was definitely excited," Frierson said. "They love Notre Dame. They think it's a great school with great academics. The athletics are excellent, and it has a church environment."

Frierson also admitted that he's never stepped foot on Notre Dame's campus but plans to do that soon.

"I wanted to come up for my official visit during a game," said Frierson. "They want me to wait and do it after the season. We're still trying to work that out."

It also appears that Notre Dame might not be his only official visit at this point.

"I plan on taking some other official visits," said Frierson.

"I haven't said anything to them about that yet," was Frierson's response when asked if he had spoken with the Notre Dame coaches about that yet.

The Columbia, Sc. native says his team hasn't gotten off to a good start so far this season.

"We're trying to pick it up," said Frierson about his team's record so far. "We're 1-3 right now.

"I don't know my stats yet," Frierson said when asked how he was playing this year. "We are a heavy run team. To give you an idea, we had three 1,000-yard rushers on the team last year. We're trying to throw the ball a little more this year."

Frierson appears pretty happy with his commitment to Notre Dame. We're not sure the Irish coaches will react to him taking visits. We're going to guess they won't be very happy to hear that. Regardless, Frierson seems excited about his Notre Dame commitment. Top Stories