Wilson Returns From Recent Irish Visit

Akron, Ohio defensive end Lawrence Wilson took an unofficial visit to Notre Dame this past weekend to watch the Irish defeat Washington. Irish Eyes spoke with the 6-5, 230-pound speed rusher after his unofficial visit to get his thoughts on the Notre Dame game experience, his time spent with coach Willingham, and his future with recruiting. What did Wilson think of his Irish visit? What did he and Willingham talk about? When will he be visiting Notre Dame?

Lawrence Wilson recently returned from his unofficial visit to Notre Dame. We spoke with Wilson to get his thoughts on his unofficial visit.

"It went real well," said Wilson of his Irish visit. "I loved the fans there. It's a great environment. The fans and the game are what I liked the most about it."

Like previous unofficial visitors, Wilson found himself up crowd surfing after an Irish touchdown.

"Yeah, they got me up there. I had a lot of fun. The fans were crazy. I really enjoyed the student section," said Wilson when asked if he was thrown up to do pushups after an Irish score.

Wilson and his family also got to spend some time talking with Irish head coach Tyrone Willingham.

"We basically talked about what it would be like to go to Notre Dame," Wilson said of his conversation with Willingham. "He told me there is no other place like Notre Dame with it's rich tradition and excellent education. He said there is not other place in the country like Notre Dame. "

We asked Wilson what his thoughts were of Willingham after the conversation.

"I kind of knew what type of person he was before I met him," said Wilson. "I knew he was a good person and a great man. He kept it real with me. He told me like it is."

The Arkon, Ohio native also got to spend some time with the players after their victory in the locker room.

"I thought I fit in really well with them," he said of the Irish players. "I said hi to a couple of them and they talked to us and acted like how I would act after a big victory."

We asked Wilson how they were reacting to the victory.

"Everyone was celebrating and dancing, and acting like I bunch of kids which was really cool," Wilson said. "I thought they might be more reserved, but they were celebrating and having a lot of fun with it. It was pretty cool to see."

Wilson said he spent most of the game sitting and chatting with current Irish linebacker commitment, Scott Smith.

"I talked to him the whole game," Wilson said of Smith. "We hung out together the whole time. He's a really cool guy. I liked him a lot. I thought I fit in well with him. We exchanged e-mails and his parents took a picture of me while I was up on the crowd and they sent that to me this morning."

The talented defensive end wasn't the only Wilson to enjoy the visit. Lawrence said his parents also really enjoyed the experience.

"They loved it there," Wilson said of his parents. "We talked the whole way home about it. They really enjoyed it there."

Next on the list for Wilson is to set his official visits.

"I was just discussing that with my parents," Wilson said of his official visits. "I want to set them up during football so they don't interfere with my basketball season.

"I'll probably set up my visit to Notre Dame to go visit there in the next couple of weeks."

The Irish will not be his only visit. Wilson says he plans to take at least three more visits besides the Notre Dame visit before deciding.

"I'm going to visit Ohio State. Probably for the Michigan game, but that isn't for sure yet," Wilson said.

"I'll also probably visit Pittsburgh and Georgia Tech. I might do another one, but I'm not sure about that."

"I'll probably decide sometime after my visits," Wilson said when asked when he planned to announce his decision.

Comments: The Irish game experience seemed to make a positive impact on Wilson. We've long thought this would be a Notre Dame-Ohio State battle. While we think the Irish have done a great job of recruiting him, the Ohio State visit looms large. We still think Notre Dame will be tough to beat, however.

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