Irish Eyes Video: Purdue Postgame

Notre Dame dropped to 3-2 on the season with their loss to Purdue on Saturday. Irish Eyes was in the media room after Saturday's loss getting all the latest. We gathered a number of video clips from Irish coaches and players after the game, and here are all those clips from Saturday.

The Irish lost an important game to Purdue on Saturday to fall to 3-2 on the season. Here are the video clips of interviews with many Irish coaches and players discussing the loss after the game. Included are videos of Dwight Ellick, Anthony Fasano, Preston Jackson, Tom Zbikowski, Brady Quinn, Justin Tuck, Darius Walker, Bill Diedrik and Kent Baer.

Dwight Ellick Video 1

Dwight Ellick Video 2

Anthony Fasano Video

Preston Jackson Video

Justin Tuck

Tom Zbikowski

Brady Quinn Video 1

Brady Quinn Video 2

Darius Walker Video 1

Darius Walker Video 2

Bill Diedrick

Kent Baer Video 1

Kent Baer Video 2

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