Hord Returns From South Bend

Kansas City wide receiver D.J. Hord was in South Bend on Saturday to watch the Irish take on Purdue. We spoke with the 6-2, 185-pound speedster on Sunday to get his thoughts on his unofficial visit. What did Hord think of Notre Dame? What did the Irish coaches have to say to him? Did he set an official visit to Notre Dame?

Wide receiver D.J. Hord said he had a good time on his recent visit to South Bend.

"I liked it. It went pretty good," Hord said. "I really liked the game. We sat in front of the student section so it was pretty crazy. I had a really good time at the game."

Hord said he sat with a number of Irish recruits during the game.

We sat right in the front row. I saw with Evan Sharpley and David Nelson the whole game," Hord said. "I really liked them. They seemed like really cool guys."

The Kansas City, Mo. Native also spent some time with the Irish coaching staff.

"We talked quite about how I'd fit in with the program and the school," Hord said of his conversation with the Irish coaches. "We talked a lot about what the school can do for me and about the program."

Hord also attended the game with his parents, who also were impressed according to Hord.

"They liked it a lot," he said of their Notre Dame experience. "They liked talking to the academic guy. He told them about what a Notre Dame degree means, and how they take care of their athletes, and all the connections I'll have when I graduate. They really liked hearing that.

"They also really liked the coaches. They thought they were really nice people. I think they also liked the fans and how crazy the were."

We asked Hord if there was anything about the visit he didn't like.

"No, I pretty much liked everything. I felt like I fit in there and could go there," Hord said

We also asked Hord if he had a leader at this point.

"I wouldn't say I have a leader," he said. "I'm just kind of taking these unofficials to find out where I want to visit. I'll probably take an official visit to Notre Dame. We talked about some dates, but we didn't set anything in stone yet."

More unofficial visits appear to be on the way for Hord in the near future.

"I'll probably go to (Oklahoma) next," he said. "Then I'll probably look at a couple local schools like (Missouri) and K-State. I'll have to see if I need to go on any more."

Comments: It appears Hord had a good experience while at Notre Dame. I do think a win would've helped Notre Dame's chances, but he did enjoy the visit. The good news is it appears he'll take one of his official visits to Notre Dame. One thing he did mention was that he didn't get to spend any time with the team. I think the Irish helped their chances with this unofficial visit.

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