Wilson Returns From Second Official Visit

Akron, Ohio defensive end Lawrence Wilson has taken his second official visit this past weekend. The 6-5, 240-pound pass rusher visited Ohio State this weekend for their game against Wisconsin. Irish Eyes spoke to Wilson on Sunday to get his thoughts on his trip to Columbus, and his future plans. Where do the Irish stand with Wilson? When might he decide?

Lawrence Wilson said he enjoyed his latest official visit to Ohio State.

"I thought it went pretty well," said Wilson. "I liked it there. I thought I fit into their system well. I liked the coaches there. It's a pretty good place."

Wilson said he also hung out with some Ohio State players while on the visit.

"Devon Jordan was my host the first night," Wilson said. "He's injured so he isn't playing. James Richardson was my host the second night. He's the starting defensive end.

"I thought I fit in pretty well with the players there. Everyone was real nice."

We asked Wilson what his future plans were for making a decision.

"I might take a visit to Pittsburgh," he said. "They play Boston College and I might go up there for that. I'm not positive on that though."

Wilson admitted that at this point, anything could happen.

"It's real close between Ohio State and Notre Dame. I could decide this week or I might take a visit to Pitt."

We asked Wilson if the Buckeyes might've taken the lead this past weekend.

"No, I wouldn't say that," Wilson said. "It's close between the two."

We asked Wilson what Ohio State offered that Notre Dame didn't as he saw it.

"I'd say the location. It's a lot closer," was his response.

We asked What Notre Dame offered that Ohio State didn't as he saw it.

"What Notre Dame stands for, and their tradition," was his response.

Comments: Sounds like a close race. I wouldn't be surprised if he took the trip to Pittsburgh. Pitt plays Boston College this week, but Wilson seemed to think it was two weeks away so I'm not sure if that will change his mind on visiting. At any rate, this should be a close race, but I still like Notre Dame's chances to land this talented defensive end.

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