McKinney Has Top Three

Louisville, Ky. defensive end is back from injury and harassing quarterbacks. The 6-3, 265-pound McKinney unofficially visited Notre Dame a while back and we spoke to the talented prospect to get his thoughts on his trip to South Bend, and his future plans with regards to recruiting. Where do the Irish stand with McKinney?

James McKinney says he's back from injury and helping his Louisville Central high school team to get back on track after a rough start.

"We've won our last four games," said McKinney. "We lost our first two. I've only played in five games. I think I have 32 tackles and 6 1/2 sacks."

McKinney also recently took an unofficial visit to Notre Dame to watch the Irish defeat Washington. McKinney said he loved the experience.

"It was an exciting atmosphere," McKinney said of the game. "It's the best game I've every been to. They threw me up on point 38. It was the regular students trying to throw me up 38 times. They struggled a bit, but they got it done. It was a lot of fun."

McKinney said he also enjoyed spending time with the Irish coaching staff.

"I got to spend time with coach Willingham and coach Mattison," McKinney said. "It was wonderful. They showed me a lot of love and interest. They really want me up there.

"I also talked to Darius Walker and Rashon Powers-Neal after the game. They were real cool and really nice when I talked to them. They just started talking. I felt real welcome."

The Irish appear to be very much in the race for his signature.

"Notre Dame was actually my No. 1 choice my junior year," McKinney said. "I went to camp and they started talking about defensive end. I wanted to play tight end in college. Now I'm pretty open to any position."

We asked McKinney when he'd be setting up his official visits.

"I'd say pretty soon," he said. "I'll probably take most of them after my season. I'm not sure if I'll take all five."

Three teams appear to be a lock for visits at this point.

"I'd say, right now, my top three would be Michigan, Notre Dame and Louisville," McKinney said. "I'll probably visit these three schools. I'm sure I'll be up to Notre Dame again for a visit."

Besides those three schools, McKinney is wide open on his choices.

"I really don't know who I will visit besides those three," McKinney said. "I'm pretty open right now."

Comments: The Irish appear to have made a very positive impression on McKinney. A lot of people think Louisville will be difficult to beat in the end. We think it's pretty even at this point. The Irish should get an official visit. Top Stories