State of Michigan Squashes Sharpley's All-Star Bid

Marshall, Mich. quarterback Evan Sharpley recently received news that he was nominated for the Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio this January. Unfortunately for Sharpley, he recently found out he cannot participate in the game due to Michigan high school athletic rules involving all-atar games.

Quarterback Evan Sharpley was thrilled to be picked to participate in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl this January as one of the top high school football players in the country. Sharpley later found out he wouldn't be able to participate in the game.

"It's a great honor to be chosen," Sharpley said of his nomination. "I would've loved to participate in the game.

"We did some research and found out that I cannot participate in the all-star game or I'd lose my eligibility for basketball and baseball this year."

According to Sharpley, a player would forfiet his high school athletic eligibility if he participated in any all-star game besides those held by Michigan high school athletics.

"We didn't really get a distinct reason as to why I would lose my eligibility," Sharpley said when asked what he found out during his research. "I just know I'd wouldn't be able to play other sports if I participated."

Sharpley said he didn't understand the reasoning behind the rule.

"I've been to a number of baseball showcases and they are basically all-star games," Sharpley said. "Basketball players play in all kinds of all-star tournaments and AAU tournaments and I guess that is not considered an all-star game.

"I know I can't play this year, but I'm hoping that some day other kids from Michigan can participate in this game. It seems unfair that the state of Michigan is the only state that doesn't allow this."

Sharpley said he hasn't considered challenging the rule and will not participate in the game.

"I would be hurting my teammates in the other sports and I start in basketball and I'm a shortstop in baseball," he said. "It's not fair to my teammates for me to play in the game and not be able to play the season."

Despite making the hard decision to stay home during the game, Sharpley admits he's disappointed he has to stay home.

"I just think it's a huge honor to be considered one of the best players in the country," he said. "I would've loved to go to the game and show what I could do. I think it would've been a great learning experience and a lot of fun."

Sharpley has been leading his Marshall high school team to an impressive season so far this year.

His team is currently 6-1 on the season. His current passing numbers are 71-of-144 for 1,103 yards and 15 touchdowns. He's also rushed for 385 yards on the season. Top Stories