Schwapp Will Surprise

At 6-2, 250-pounds, fullback Asaph Schwapp is a man. The Hartford, Conn. native caught many Irish fans by surprise with his commitment to Notre Dame earlier this summer. Irish Eyes spoke with both Asaph and his head coach to get an update on Schwapp's season. Coach Robert Fleeting says Irish fans will be surprised by what this talented athlete can do when he arrives on Notre Dame's campus.

Not many fans knew about fullback Asaph Schwapp before he committed. Heck, Irish Eyes didn't even know about Schwapp before he committed. This talented player was flying under the radar and the Irish coaching staff grabbed him before the word got out.

Weaver high school coach Robert Fleeting said the word would've gotten out about his talented fullback.

"He's a heck of a football player," said coach Fleeting. "Our team is rushing for over 400 yards a game and a lot of that is due to him and his ability to block."

Not only has Schwapp been devastating as a blocker, Fleeting has seen him really develop as a runner this season.

"He has 373 yards on just 33 attempts this year and he's scored four touchdowns," said Fleeting. "He's only played in three games so far. He has really developed into a great running back. He's always been a great blocker, but he's really made a lot of progress as a runner."

As much as Fleeting likes Schwapp as a football player, he's says he's an even more impressive person.

"With all the hype he's been getting, he's an extremely humble kid," Fleeting said of Schwapp. "He's not getting the most carries, not even close to it. He never complains a bit.

"We simply wouldn't win without him. He's the type of player you really don't know how much you'd miss until he's not in there. He absolutely crushes people when be blocks. You won't believe his tape and how well he blocks."

The talented senior says he's been enjoying his senior season so far.

"We're doing pretty well," Schwapp said. "We're 4-0 right now. I think we're ranked No. 12 and moving up. I'm really enjoying playing."

Schwapp was also recruited by some teams as a linebacker, but he says he's mainly playing offense this season.

"I've played a little bit of linebacker, but it's mainly been offense," Schwapp said. "I get to play tailback a little bit. We have two other backs that are pretty good and coach Fleeting likes how I block."

Schwapp says he's been keeping in touch with the Irish coaching staff but he hasn't been able to get back to Notre Dame since his trip to South Bend for summer football camp.

"I talk to coach Simmons quite a bit," Schwapp said. "He's been pretty good about keeping in touch with me and checking in on me.

"I had my official visit set for December 3rd, but I might have to reschedule because my season might not be over with by then. I'm hoping it's not anyway. We'll have to see about that."

The talented fullback says he hasn't had a lot of chances to see Notre Dame play this season.

"We play all our games on Saturdays," he said. "I don't get a chance to see them all. I've watched a few. I missed the Stanford game."

Schwapp says he's excited about his future at Notre Dame.

"I just really liked the coaching staff when I was there and it felt really comfortable," Schwapp said. "I can't wait to get there. I just really enjoyed the atmosphere and It felt like the place for me. I need to finish my season here first though."

When Schwapp does get to Notre Dame, coach Fleeting says he's going to surprise a lot of Irish fans.

"I know he's not one of the most heralded players out there, but I'll guarantee you he'll be one of the most physically ready to play," said Fleeting. "He's 250 pounds and it's all muscle. He works his butt off. If anyone can contribute as a true freshman, it's him. I don't think many realize what a great football player he is.

"He's a great kid and will do whatever you ask of him. He never complains and he listens to what you're trying to teach him. At 250 pounds, he's a man, not a boy. I think he's going to surprise a lot of people when he gets there. They're getting a great player."

It sounds like the Irish might have gotten a steal when they landed Schwapp's commitment. The guy is truly a big man at this stage of his young career, and the future certainly looks bright for this talented fullback. Top Stories