Rawls Likes Irish

Memphis, Tenn. offensive tackle prospect Malcolm Rawls is a top prospect. The 6-4, 300-pound Rawls has a host of offers from many of the top schools across the country. The talented Rawls says he's starting to set his official visits. Will the Irish get a visit? What are his thoughts on Notre Dame?

Memphis, Tenn. prospect Malcolm Rawls says he's in the process of setting up his official visits.

"I'm actually trying to set up a visit to Notre Dame for this weekend," said Rawls. "Coach Wilks and I have talked about coming this weekend. We haven't worked out all the details at this point, but it looks like Notre Dame will be my first visit."

Rawls says he's excited about visiting Notre Dame for the first time this weekend.

"I want to see it for myself," Rawls said. "You hear about it. You see it on TV. I just want to see what it's like and how I fit in there.

"I really like their tradition and I think coach Willingham is doing a great job. You get great exposure and they have excellent academics."

Rawls said his mom is also a big fan of the Irish.

"She likes Notre Dame quite a bit," he said. "I'm not sure if she's going with me on the visit. That is one of the things we're trying to work out."

Besides Notre Dame, Rawls also has three other schools he thinks he'll likely visit.

"I'm pretty sure I'll visit Tennessee, Memphis and Arkansas at this point," he said. "Clemson, South Carolina and Oklahoma State are the others I'm considering for visiting."

Rawls had previously told us that Tennessee and Stanford were his two favorites. That has changed according to Memphis native.

"I'd says right now Tennessee and Notre Dame are pretty even right now," Rawls said. "I haven't really narrowed it down yet. The other schools I'm considering also have a chance. I probably won't decide until after my official visits."

With the Irish and Tennessee set to do battle, we asked Rawls if he planned to attend the game in Knoxville in a few weeks.

"Yeah, I plan to be there," he said. "I'm looking forward to that game."

Comments: The Irish appear to be in good shape with Rawls. We'll have to check later this week to see if all the details were ironed out. Rawls would certainly fit a need for the Irish, but many think Tennessee will be hard to beat.

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