Trump Sets Visits

Clearwater, Fla. offensive lineman A.J. Trump has been a busy man lately. The 6-4, 300-pound lineman has taken in some of college football's best games recently. He also recently set up his official visits. Where is Trump visiting? Where do the Irish stand on his list? What did he have to say about coach Willingham and the Irish staff? Trump told us plenty in our latest conversation with the talented line prospect.

Clearwater, Fla. native A.J. Trump has seen his team struggle so far this season.

"We're 3-3 right now. We just lost a big game. I'm pretty down about it," said Trump. "We just can't seem to get it done. Hopefully we'll catch our rival again in the regionals. I hate losing, but I hate losing to that team (St. Pete Catholic) a lot more. I just despise losing to them."

Trump has also been busy setting up his five official visits.

"I've got them all set up," said Trump of his official visits. "I'm visiting Notre Dame on December 4th, Miami on December 11th, USF on January 8th, Florida on January 15th and Florida State on January 22nd."

Earlier in the season Trump had been considering committing early. Now he says he's kind of glad he waited.

"It's kind of working out for the best," he said. "My parents just wanted me to take my time and visit some schools before deciding. Now I'm going to see Notre Dame and Miami first. I really like both--Notre Dame being my favorite. Now I can compare them to the others to make sure I'm making the right decision."

Previously Notre Dame and Florida State had been his leaders, but Miami has recently jumped into the picture.

"I really like their O-line coach, coach Kehoe," Trump said of the Hurricanes. "He's been there 25 years. He's put some guys in the NFL. It's also a good school so they've been more appealing.

"But I can't really see myself anywhere else but Notre Dame. I feel like I'm kind of called to go to Notre Dame."

We asked Trump what he liked about the Irish so much.

"I really liked the way the coaching staff came across," he said. "I can't really put my finger on what it was. I think it was coach Willingham and his passion for winning. He has a very similar passion that I do. I just feel like he'd be a great coach to play for, and I really felt at home when I went there on my visit.

"I just got a call from coach Miles this weekend. He called me from the tunnel in the Meadowlands. He said he was sorry he didn't call me this week and that he didn't call because he just found out his wife was pregnant. I just like their coaching staff. I also get along with coach (McDonell) real well."

Trump has also been taking in a number of games recently.

"I went to the Georgia/LSU game. That was a pretty good visit," said Trump. "I also went to the Florida/LSU game, and I just got back from the Florida State/Virginia game. That was pretty fun. I got to see some friends there."

We asked Trump if he planned to take all of his visits before deciding.

"I plan to. We'll see," he said.

Comments: The Irish are enjoying a sizable lead right now. However, one can never count out Miami or Florida State in this battle. The Irish will get the first crack at Trump when he visits for the banquet weekend. It wouldn't surprise me if he didn't take all five of his official visits. Top Stories