Irish Business-like Heading Into Saturday

The Irish closed Thursday's practice with Irish coach Tyrone Willingham meeting with media to discuss Notre Dame's meeting with Boston College on Saturday. As with everything this week, there just wasn't much to say.

Irish head coach Tyrone Willingham has had a very business-like approach this week. The Irish have lost three-straight games to the Eagles and it's clearly obvious there is a focus this week amongst the Irish coaching staff and players.

"I would say we have had solid efforts," said Willingham when asked how practice has gone this week. "I think our guys have worked hard and there has been good focus, but we now have to bring it to the game."

A number of players have mentioned a different feeling approaching this game and Willingham was asked if he had a different feeling heading into this game.

"I hope this game brings up some different emotions," Willingham said. "This is a ballgame that we felt like we have done some things right in the last two years in this ballgame. But it's obvious that we have not made enough plays to be the victor in these games, so what we have to do is step our game up, and hopefully that means step our emotions up and play a little different."

The talk most of the week has been stopping Boston College quarterback Paul Peterson. Willingham says he's been impressed by what he's seen from Peterson.

"First of all, he's a guy that they do a lot of things with. They move him around a lot and they expect him to make a lot of contributions with his legs, as well as with his arm, and he seems to do a good job of that."

At 5-2, the Irish have a chance to become bowl-eligible with a win on Saturday. Willingham was asked if he felt his team was starting to get on a roll at this point.

"As you guys know, my approach has always been to go forward," said Willingham. "You can't do anything about what has already happened. We try to make corrections for the next week, but the whole goal to be successful is to attack the next opponent.

"We have always looked at things that way and if we can do that every week, it gives us the best chance to be successful. Hopefully, we can string together a lot of games that end up in great victories."

In Willingham's first year as Irish coach, Notre Dame sat 8-0 heading into their game against Boston College. Willingham sent his team out wearing the famed green jerseys in the game. The result was a disappointing 14-7 loss, ending the eight-game winning streak.

Willingham was asked if he ever thought about bringing out the green jerseys again.

"Not this week," he said. "I didn't think the timing was right, but they'll come back out at some point."

"I'll know when I make it," said Willingham when asked what would go into the thought process of deciding to wearing the green jerseys again.

The Irish certainly seemed focused heading into this game on Saturday. We expect them to play well this weekend. Top Stories