Boston College Prediction

It's Friday and it's prediction time again. I've been on a roll lately, not just in predicting the win or loss, but I've also been pretty close on the score, and how the game will unfold. Once again, I've got the inside scoop on this game. So bet against anything I say in my prediction because we know what happens when I get cocky.

This is a huge game for the Irish. They know it, and you can tell there is a focus this week amongst the players and the coaches.

Unfortunately, the Irish sure appeared focused during the week before the Purdue game as well.

But worry not Irish fans, the Notre Dame has plenty of horses to match up with Boston College.

The Eagles are 4-2 this season, but their victories have come at the expense of Ball State (1-6), Penn State (2-4), Connecticut (4-2) and Massachusetts (3-4 in 1AA). Their two losses have come at the hands of Pittsburgh (4-2) and Wake Forrest (3-3).

I could get into the match-ups and the like, but the truth is, Notre Dame is just a better team than Boston College. They have the better football team, and they are at home. There is no reason I can see that they should or will lose this game. But, I've thought that before.

Two things need to happen for Notre Dame to win this game. They'll need to run the ball effectively, which I think they will. And, they'll need to contain Eagle quarterback, Paul Peterson.

Stopping Peterson could be tricky. He reminds me a lot of former Eagle quarterback, Doug Flutie. Not just in stature, but in his ability to make things happen. He throws very well on the run, moving to his right, and can cause big problems when he tucks the ball and runs.

If they keep him in the pocket, they should win this game handily. The Eagles don't appear to have the tight end that has hurt Notre Dame in the past in this game and others, and that could be important in this game.

Not having a real receiving threat at tight end could allow the Irish to spy on Peterson with a linebacker, making sure he doesn't start running, or get out side of the pocket. This should be an interesting match-up.

We can't see this Eagle offense scoring more than 17 points on the Notre Dame defense, and we bet it's under that number.

The question becomes how many points can the Irish offense score on the Boston College defense?

We think they'll score more than enough.

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