Smith Unsure on Visits

Edmond, Okla. defensive back Reggie Smith is enjoying an impressive senior season. The talented two-way player has also taken his first official visit. We spoke with Smith to get an update on his season and his recruiting schedule. Will Smith be visiting Notre Dame?

Two-way star Reggie Smith has helped his Santa Fe high school team to the playoffs.

"Our team is 8-1 right now," said Smith. "I don't know all my stats. I meant to write that down and I forgot. I know I have around 50 tackles on defense, six interceptions--two I returned for touchdowns. I've also returned three punts for touchdowns."

The 6-0, 190-pound Smith has also made his first official visit to USC.

"It was a different atmosphere," said Smith of USC. "It was good to see a different atmosphere. It was a good time. Their team seems very tight. It could be a good fit for me, but I want to look at other schools. It was a different place, but after awhile, I started to get comfortable there."

We asked Smith if he had set up any other official visits at this point.

"Not yet," he said. "I don't have any more Thursday games. I'll have to take the rest after my season."

Smith is also not sure which teams he'll likely visit at this point.

"I'm pretty sure I'll visit Nebraska," Smith said. "Notre Dame is another place I might visit. They want me to come up for their banquet so I'll see if I can fit that in. Tennessee is another school I'm thinking about. They've recently started to recruit me harder. I really don't know where I'll visit. They'll be out of state."

We asked Smith when he might make his final decision.

"It would be nice to wait until signing day, but if I find a team and it feels right, I might just commit to them," he said.

We also asked Smith what would be the important factors when choosing a school.

"I think the relationships with the coaches will be real important," said Smith. "How I feel in the environment when I'm there will also be important. Also, where they want to play me."

The Edmond, Okla. native can play a number of positions, but defense seems to be where he feels most comfortable.

"Most schools are saying defense," said Smith when asked which side of the ball most schools are recruiting him to play. "Some are saying wide receiver. It would be nice if I could play both, but I like defense. Safety or corner is probably where I'll end up."

Comments: Smith hasn't set up his visits yet, but the Irish remain in the hunt for one of his official visits. He seems pretty open at this point, but many speculate the state schools will be difficult to beat in the end. We'll check back with Reggie in a few weeks to see if he sets up an Irish visit. Top Stories