McKinney Waiting to Set Visits

Louisville, Ky. defensive lineman James McKinney is still in playing his final season of high school football. His playoff schedule has kept him busy, and kept him from scheduling his official visits. Where will McKinney be visiting?

Defensive lineman James McKinney says he's still playing his final season.

"We're still in the playoffs," said McKinney. "I don't know my stats. I think I have around 12 sacks. I missed my first game, but I've played in the last nine."

McKinney's season has kept him from scheduling his official visits at this point.

"I didn't want to mess with recruiting while my season is going on," McKinney said. "I'll schedule my official visits after the playoffs."

We asked McKinney which schools he's thinking of visiting at this point.

"I think Oklahoma, Michigan, Clemson, Ohio State and Notre Dame," he said. "Louisville is just around the corner so I don't need to visit there."

The Sooners have recently made a big push for the Louisville, Ky. native.

"Oklahoma has climbed into my top three," he said. "They've been recruiting me pretty hard."

The Irish have slipped a bit with McKinney.

"They are waiting for my test score," he said of Notre Dame. "I'm not sure I'll be able to get in there so that's made them slip a bit."

We asked McKinney if he planned to take all of his official visits.

"I'm not looking to take them all," he said. "I'm not sure what I'll do."

Comments: McKinney had a strong interest in Notre Dame, but it appears he might not meet their academic standards. The Irish are still recruiting him, however, so I assume they're hopeful he will qualify. We'll check back in a few weeks to see if he sets his visits. Top Stories