Felder Still In Playoffs

Linebacker Anthony "Tony" Felder is still in the midst of his season currently. The 6-3, 215-pound Felder is also trying to set up his official visits. We spoke with Felder on Sunday to get an update on where he'll be visiting this winter. Will Felder visit Notre Dame?

Anthony Felder says he's been a busy man lately.

"My team is playing. We have our first playoff game coming this weekend," said Felder. "We're 7-2 right now so hopefully we can win it all."

Felder had been planning on taking some official visit during the season but that appears to have changed.

"I was trying to set some up for November, but it looks like I'll try to make them in December now," the Seattle, Wash. native said. I won't be taking any visit during my season now."

Felder says he's starting to narrow his list down for visits.

"I know I'm visiting Notre Dame in early December," he said. "I haven't set the date, but I talk to coach McDonell every week and we're trying to get it set up for early December.

"I'm also trying to set up a visit for Ohio State in December. I've been talking to Miami a lot recently and I'm thinking about taking another official visit there. I'm also thinking I'll take a visit to LSU."

Felder is also wanting to take a look at his home school.

"I'll probably visit Washington as well," Felder said. "With the coaching change, I'm not sure if or when I'll be able to do that. But I want to take a visit there."

We asked Felder if he had a few schools standing out right now.

Not really,I haven't been to any of the schools I'm visiting so the visits will help me figure that out," said Felder.

"I've only been to Washington, Oregon and Oregon State on unofficial visits. I've never been to any of the other schools. Once I take my visits, I should have a better idea of a favorite."

Comments: The Irish appear to be in good shape with Felder right now. He plans to take a visit and I'll bet they try to get him in for the banquet weekend. That will likely depend on his playoff schedule, however.

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