Grimes Having Impressive Senior Season

Detroit, Mich. wide receiver David Grimes is having an impressive senior season. The 5-9, 175-pound Irish commitment has helped his team reach the playoffs. We spoke with Grimes to get an update on his season, and to find out when he plans to officially visit Notre Dame.

Wide receiver David Grimes has helped his Detroit City high school team into the playoffs.

"We're 7-4 right now," he said. "We're in the playoffs. I have 40 catches for almost 700 yards and 11 touchdowns so far this season."

Grimes said his early decision has been a good one.

"It's been nice knowing that I'm going to Notre Dame and not having to worry about recruiting," said Grimes. "I do get some trash talking from some of the guys. Nothing major, they're just trying to get me out of my game. Afterwards they always congratulate me on going to Notre Dame."

The likely slot receiver prospect also received a visit from his future quarterback last week.

"(Evan) Sharpley came and watched our game last week," said Grimes. "It was good to see him again. We keep in touch. I had a pretty good game. I had two catches for about 30 yards, but I did have an interception I returned for a touchdown."

Grimes hasn't been back to Notre Dame since his visits during the summer.

"We play our games on Saturdays so I haven't been able to get back there for a game," Grimes said. "I'll be up there for the banquet for my official visit. I'm looking forward to that visit. I'm looking forward to meeting all the guys who are committed."

Grimes also has a brother who plays football at Michigan State. We asked David if his brother had given him any advice for when he reports to Notre Dame.

"He just tells me that the game is a lot faster and that pretty much everyone is very good," Grimes said. "He said to expect the training to be a lot more intense and the game to be a lot faster when I get there." Top Stories