Washington Enjoys Irish Game Experience

Sugarland, Texas linebacker Kevin Washington has finished his senior season. The 6-1, 215-pound Washington also recently returned from South Bend after watching the Irish lose a close one to Pittsburgh. We caught up with the Irish commitment to get his thoughts on the Notre Dame game experience.

Kevin Washington said he wasn't prepared for the cold he faced last weekend as he watched the Irish take on Pittsburgh.

"That was something else," said Washington of the cold weather last Saturday. "I knew it would be cold, but I wasn't expecting that. Scott Smith's dad was nice enough to give me his gloves for awhile and I needed them."

Despite the weather, Washington said he had a wonderful time on his unofficial visit.

"I loved it. I didn't like the end of the game, but I loved it," he said. "There was some terrible calls in the game. I liked watching how all the fans react during the game and all their traditions. The atmosphere was great. The students really got into the game. I can't wait to play there in that envivornment."

Washington also got a chance to meet a number of his future teammates.

"I got to meet Evan Sharpley, Scott Smith, David Bruton, Martin Frierson, they were all good guys," Washington said. "I think we're all getting to know each other really well. I also sat next to Vincent Oghobaase the entire time. He lives close to me and we kind of know each other."

The Sugarland, Texas native also spent some time with the Irish coaching staff.

"I talked with coach Willingham before the game," said Washington. "He just reassured us that the team was going in the right direction and that we would be a very big part of turning this around. He said we would have a great class and he was expecting big things from us.

"I've always liked coach Willingham. I also spoke to coach Simmons before the game and coach Preston after the game."

Suprisingly, the top linebacker prospect still hasn't set his official visit to Notre Dame.

"We're not sure when we're going back for my official visit," he said. "We just went there so I'm not sure we can turn around and do it again. It will either be December 3rd or sometime in January. I'll know more about that soon. I'm really looking forward to playing there. I loved it there."

Washington has also finished his senior season.

"It was an up and down season," Washington said. "We started out bad, and then we won some games, and then we lost in the end. We finished 4-6.

"I played quarterback all year. I didn't keep my stats. I was just trying to win games. I didn't get to play much on defense. They'd put me in on some key situations, but I didn't get to play much on defense."

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