Moriarty Setting Visits This Week

Goleta, Calif. athlete Kellen Moriarty has finished his senior season and will now turn his attention to recruiting. The Irish remain high on his list, and have been recruiting the talented Don Pueblos high school star. We spoke with Moriarty to find out his plans for recruiting.

Quarterback/athlete Kellen Moriarty has finished his senior season for Don Pueblos high school.

"My final stats haven't come out yet," said Moriarty. "I think I had around 1,200 yards passing and 500 rushing. I also had around 100 yards receiving. I also played some defense. They had me at field corner but I don't know my stats on defense."

Moriarty will now turn his attention to recruiting.

"I have two offers right now," he said. "UNLV and Washington have offered me. Notre Dame, Colorado and Boise State are also calling me and recruiting me."

We asked Moriarty what these schools have been telling him recently about an offer.

"Notre Dame is coming on Friday at 7:30 so I'll know more after they come here," said Moriarty. "I really hope to schedule a visit with them. I talk to them all the time. I talked to their baseball coach last week and they can't have two coaches from one school call me in the same week so I didn't talk to the football coaches last week. I have an interest in playing both sports. I play centerfield in baseball.

"Colorado has been recruiting me and they want me to schedule a visit with them as well. I'll probably do that soon.

"Boise State recently started recruiting me. They came and watched me and really liked what they saw so I'll have to wait and see if they offer me."

We asked Moriarty when he planned to schedule his official visits.

"I know I'll schedule an official visit to UNLV for sure," he said. "I'll probably schedule one to Washington but I'm waiting to see what happens there with their coaching situation. Hopefully I'll schedule one with Notre Dame this Friday. I'll also talk to Colorado soon and probably schedule a visit there."

We asked Moriarty what Notre Dame has told him about where they would be recruiting him.

"They said as an athlete. Probably corner or wide receiver. UNLV and Washington are the only schools recruiting me to play quarterback."

Comments: Keep an eye on Moriarty as he could become a top target very soon. With the Irish thin at cornerback, he could become a guy they go after pretty hard. The Irish need at least one more corner in this class so we expect them to schedule a visit with Moriarty fairly soon. Top Stories