Eubanks Has Three Visits Set

St. Paul Minn. offensive lineman Rafael Eubanks recently returned from an unofficial visit to Iowa to watch the Hawkeyes defeat Wisconsin. The Cretin Derham high school star has also set up some official visits. We spoke with Eubanks on Monday to find out the latest on his recruitment.

Offensive linemane Rafael Eubanks said his recent unofficial visit to Iowa happened at the very last minute.

"I was trying to get down to Miami for an official visit but that didn't work out," said Eubanks. "It was kind of a last minute thing and the flight was really expensive so we decided to go to Iowa instead.

"I went with my dad and a teammate. His name is Matt Carusel and he's a junior. He's an offensive tackle. You'll be hearing about him next year. We just went down for the game and had a good time."

Eubanks said the win for the Hawkeyes was exciting to watch.

"It was a lot of fun. The crowd was really into it," he said. "We got to go into the locker room afterwards. That was pretty cool. They brought the BIG 10 Trophy in and I got to touch it."

Next on Eubanks' schedule are some official visits he has lined up.

"I still have the three set up," said Eubanks. "Notre Dame on December 3rd, Iowa on December 10th and Minnesota on December 17th. I'm working on one in January with Miami, and I'm also possibly working on one with Oklahoma for January."

The 6-3, 290-pound guard/center prospect says he plans on taking all of his official visits before deciding.

"I'm going to take all five," Eubanks said. "I think that's the best situation for me. You can see certain stuff going to the games, but you can't see everything. I want to see the other tangibles and variables that I think you can only see on an official visit."

What other tangibles and variables is he speaking of?

"Just how I fit in with the players," Eubanks said. "What type of guys they are. I don't think you can get a really good feel for that on an unofficial visit. Also, the academic situation. I want to meet with some advisors and talk to them and ask some key questions."

Are there a few schools that are standing out for Eubanks at the present time?

"Not really," said Eubanks. "They're all great programs. I've said that I wanted to use my official visits to find out where I fit in best. They will help me with the deciding factors."

The Irish continue to recruit Eubanks heavily.

"I actually just spoke to coach Mattison," said Eubanks when asked about Notre Dame. "He told me that Ryan (Harris) is going to be my host on my visit. He also said he'd be coming by for an in-home visit on the (November) 29th so I'm looking forward to that."

Comments: Eubanks remains wide open at this point, and we believe anyone could end up landing him. He seems to like Notre Dame quite a bit, but he's also very interested in all the schools he's considering. I expect the Irish to be in a big battle for Eubanks in the end. Top Stories