Smith Undecided on Official Visits

Two-way star Reggie Smith is still in the midst of his senior season. The talented Santa Fe high school star from Edmond, Okla. is having an impressive final season, and recruiting has had to be put on the back burner. We spoke with Smith on Monday evening to find out where he might be taking his four remaining visits. Are the Irish still in the hunt for Smith?

Wide receiver/running back/defensive back Reggie Smith is having quite a senior season.

"Our team is still playing. We are in the semifinals right now," said Smith. "I have 931 yards on 119 carries. I've also scored 9 touchdowns rushing. I have 41 receptions for 564 yards and eight touchdowns receiving. I have 52 tackles on defense, six interceptions, two that I took for touchdowns. I also have three punt returns for touchdowns."

The elusive Smith has also been elusive to college coaches when it comes to setting up his official visits.

"I haven't done that yet," said Smith when asked if he'd scheduled any visits. "I took the one to USC, but that is the only one. I want to finish my season before I worry about all of that. I want to win the state championship before I worry about that."

We asked Smith if he had an idea of which schools he might be visiting once his senior season is finished.

"I don't know, it could be anyone from Penn State, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas A&M. There's a lot of schools I'm still considering right now," he said.

We asked Smith if it were likely that he'd end up taking a visit to Notre Dame.

"I don't know yet," he said. "I'm just focusing on my season. I know we've talked about setting up a visit there. It's up in the air what I'm going to do."

Smith did say he'd like to take his visits if he can.

"I'd like to take all five," Smith said. "We'll see how that turns out. I might not want to take them and just might end it when I know which is the right school for me."

Comments: Not much has changed with Smith, and the Irish appear to still be in the race. Oklahoma has been long rumored to be the team to beat and we think they will be in the end. We'll check back with Smith in a couple of weeks and see if he schedules a visit to Notre Dame. Top Stories