Trump Set For First Official Visit

Clearwater, Fla. offensive lineman A.J. Trump will take his first official visit this weekend to Notre Dame. We spoke with the 6-4, 290-pound Trump to get his thoughts heading into his first official visit. Where do the Irish stand with Trump?

Florida offensive lineman A.J. Trump says he's excited about his first official visit.

"I'm fired up about it," said Trump of his official visit to Notre Dame. "I talked to coach Mac (McDonell) last Friday about the visit. He's coming here tomorrow for an unofficial visit, and then I'm going there for the weekend. I'm excited about the visit."

Trump could play a number of positions along the offensive line and Trump said the Irish are undecided where he'll eventually end up if he chose to attend Notre Dame.

"I've talked to them a bunch about that," he said of the Irish coaches. "I think I would come in as a guard. I could play a number of positions and they're just recruiting me as an offensive lineman, but guard is probably where I'd start."

Besides the Irish, Trump also has another in-home visit this week.

"I was trying to schedule some but my mom threw a fit that I was scheduling all these visits so I only have one more with NC State on Wednesday. I'll probably set one up with Miami and Florida next week."

The Irish have been Trump's clear leader for most of the recruiting season. We asked how the Irish stacked up heading into this visit.

"Notre Dame is still my leader," he said. "I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone and seeing the coaches again."

Trump also mentioned that he might make an early decision in our last conversation. We asked Trump if that was a possibility or if he might commit to the Irish this weekend with a good visit.

"I probably won't commit," he said. "I'll probably know in my head where I want to go after the Miami visit. I've made some promises to these coaches and I should keep my promises to visit. I plan on taking all my visits."

We asked Trump if the Irish and the Hurricanes were his top two at the moment.

"Yeah, I can't see myself going anywhere else," Trump said. "Florida State is still kind of in there but I haven't heard from them in awhile."

Comments: The Irish are in good shape for Trump as well. I do think he'll take some visits before deciding. We'll follow up with Trump on Sunday evening to get his reaction to his visit. Top Stories