Irish Bowl Situation Still Up In the Air

The Notre Dame football team's bowl status remains up in the air as of Wednesday afternoon. A number of Irish players were made available to the media on Wednesday to discuss the firing of Tyrone Willingham, and their future bowl plans.

"It's something the team is going to get together with tonight," said sophomore offensive tackle Ryan Harris when asked if the Irish players had decided on their bowl plans. "We had a discussion yesterday and we just thought it would be too soon to make a decision. We're going to come together today and make a vote. Then depending on how that goes, we either will be or will not be going to the bowl game."

Harris also said he didn't feel comfortable saying how he felt about playing in the bowl at this time.

"That's something that's for me and my teammates to know," Harris said. "I really wouldn't feel comfortable saying that at this time. After the decision is made, that's something that I'd be willing to talk about."

The decision to play will be made tonight and Harris offered insight as to why the team might not want to accept the bid to the Bowl.

"A lot of the guys want to go and want to win," he said. "If there is a sentiment on the team that does not want to do that, it's going to be very hard to accomplish that goal.

"Much of the decision on not to go would be based whether or not there's a divide in the team like that. We want to go down there as one team to accomplish one goal. I think it would be very hard to do that if we were separated."

If the Irish were to play in the game, the current coaching staff, minus Willingham, would be coaching them in Tempe.

"We anticipate the assistant coaches to be there," said Harris. "We anticipate an interim coach, which Kevin White has notified us of, and we're prepared with a schedule already if we are to accept the bowl bid."

"Coach Baer would be the interim coach," Harris confirmed when asked if Baer would lead them in the bowl game. "That's to our knowledge. He has stated to us he would be excited to take that challenge and coach us in a bowl game."

The Irish will vote on that tonight and Irish Eyes will do our best to confirm their decision shortly after their vote. Top Stories