New Jersey Star Should Make Decision Soon

Ramsey, N.J. athlete Michael Ray Garvin is playing in the state finals tonight. The 5-9, 175-pound athlete also told us he should be making his final decision fairly soon. Do the Irish still have a chance with this top athlete?

Two-way star Michael Ray Garvin had said he'd be visiting Notre Dame this season. With the news of the firing of Tyrone Willingham as head coach, that visit appears canceled.

"Right now I don't think I'll take my visit there," said Garvin of his Notre Dame visit.

Garvin says he really liked the departing Notre Dame coaching staff.

"I knew coach Simmons pretty well and I felt comfortable with that coaching staff. I was going to take a visit there, but I don't think I will now."

We asked Garvin if he'd listen if the new staff contacted him.

"I don't think so," he said. "It's too late. I plan to make my decision after my season."

Comments: Garvin seemed pretty sure he was dropping Notre Dame. We'll keep an eye on him after the new coach is name in case he changes his mind. Top Stories