Felder Visiting LSU This Weekend

Seattle, Wash. native Anthony Felder is making his first official visit this weekend. We spoke to Anthony's mother on Thursday to get a quick update on this talented linebacker's plans. Are the Irish still in the running?

Linebacker Anthony Felder is on his first official visit of the season.

"Tony is gone on his first official visit," said Anthony's mom. "He went to LSU this weekend."

Felder also had scheduled a visit with Notre Dame, but that has been canceled.

"We were supposed to go to Notre Dame next weekend," she said. "They called and canceled that. They said they'd reschedule that sometime in January."

We asked Anthony's mom if he was disappointed with the news that head coach Tyrone Willingham had been fired.

He was," she said. "He really liked their coach and their coaching staff. I guess we'll just wait and see what happens."

We asked Mrs. Felder if Anthony still planned to visit Notre Dame.

"We still plan to take a visit there," she said. "We'll have to see what happens."

Comments: Felder also has a visit scheduled for Ohio State on January 7th. The Seattle star is in kind of in a strange situation as two of his top schools (Notre Dame and Washington) are without coaches. I don't think we'll know what Felder plans to do for quite some time.

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