The Best in The Business

Charlie Weis will be named the next head football coach at Notre Dame tomorrow during a Monday morning press conference. The New England Patriots offensive coordinator is known as one of the rising stars in the NFL, but we're not sure if Irish fans truly understand how lucky they should feel with the Weis hiring.

Forget the timing issues, the problems with coaching hires and logistics of Charlie Weis taking over the reigns of the Notre Dame football program, fans need to understand what the hiring of Weis means in the grand scheme of things.

It's common knowledge that the vast majority of great football coaches are in the NFL. It's also common knowledge that the best and most innovative minds are twisting X's and O's during the week in NFL film rooms.

But one man stands above all on offense--that man is Charlie Weis.

This isn't some coach hanging 50 points on WAC teams. Weis isn't some flash in the pan coach who is the flavor of the month or the year. This is a guy who consistently and overwhelmingly beats the best defensive minds in the NFL.

Weis beats the best minds in the best league (NFL) to the tune of 27 out of his last 29 games. That stat is mind-boggling and no college or professional coach in the country can claim that, period.

You can hire salesmen to sell Notre Dame. You can hire coaches that might have the right image or will to succeed. But it's rare anyone truly gets the best in the business.

Notre Dame won't hire the best NFL coach in the league on Monday, but they're hiring the guy who's beaten the best NFL coaches to the tune of 27 out of 29 times in the last two seasons.

Every college coach in the country is going to attack Weis on the recruiting trail in the next few weeks and say that he's never won the SEC title or the BIG 12 Championship, or the fact that he has never been a head coach in a college football game.

But these coaches have never likely beaten Bill Parcells, Brian Billick, Jeff Fisher and John Fox—arguably the best defensive-minded NFL coaches in the game today. And by the way, Weis is 5-0 in the last two years against the above mentioned NFL legends.

The spin is coming, that is certain. The negative recruiting will mount, but I doubt very much any of these guys can offer what Weis can.

He's led the Patriots offense, not once but twice, to the pinnacle of coaching and it's not a National Championship—it's a Super Bowl. And he just might do it again this year.

So while Irish fans wring their hands in worriment about what other coaches are saying to prospective Irish recruits, just remember the facts.

Nobody in the college game can offer what Weis can.

Yes, college football is a different game, but its common knowledge the best minds are in the NFL, and Weis is considered the best in the business.

I doubt very much Charlie Weis is concerned about what any of these college coaches and negative recruiters have to say.

The results speak for themselves and nobody in either the NFL or college football can argue that point. Top Stories