Nelson Schedules Visits

Rider, Texas wide receiver David Nelson had been committed to Notre Dame prior to the Irish making a coaching change. The 6-5, 190-pound Nelson is considered one of the top wide receivers in the country. Nelson has scheduled a number of visits recently, and has opened up his recruiting to look at other schools. Are the Irish still in the mix? Has he spoken with new Irish head coach Charlie Weis?

"Last weekend I went to Oklahoma State. This weekend I have a visit scheduled for Iowa. I'm going to take a visit to Florida, but that's kind of iffy right now on the date. We're talking about either the 21st or sometime before the 15th. Miami also called today so my last visit will be between Miami or Nebraska," said wide receiver David Nelson when asked about his visit plans.

Nelson was one of the first Irish prospects contacted by Weis and talked with the new Irish coach Monday morning.

"I got a call from him yesterday morning," Nelson said. "We didn''t talk for very long. He was telling me about his offense and his background and what he's done. We really didn't get a chance to talk much because he was really busy."

I asked David what his first impression was of coach Weis.

"It was hard to say really. We just mainly talked about the facts of his offense and what he's done," said Nelson. "What kind of players he wants and what he wants to do at Notre Dame. We went over some of his stats at New England. I really didn't get a good feel for what type of coach he is or what type of guy he is because we didn't have a lot of time to speak."

Notre Dame is also trying to schedule an in-home visit this week with Nelson.

"I talked to them today, and they wanted to come down for an in-home visit this week, but I already have one scheduled for Wednesday and one for Thursday and I leave early on Friday for Iowa," said Nelson. "We're trying to work it out so they can come down sometime on Thursday but we haven't got that scheduled yet."

I asked Nelson if Weis himself was coming on the in-home visit.

"I don't know. They didn't say who would be coming," he said. "They didn't say anything about who would be coming."

So where does Notre Dame stand now?

"I relieved they got a coach, but I really don't know anything about it," said Nelson. "I know he's won two Super Bowls and he's coached some great players, but he doesn't have any head coaching experience so I don't know how."

I asked Nelson if he was bitter about the Notre Dame situation right now.

"I am," he admitted. "But once they get together a staff, and I can talk to somebody, I'll be alright. I just need to find out what they plan to do."

David said he's been frustrated with the situation.

"I thought I had this all figured out," said Nelson. "It's been frustrating. They also lost three big-time recruits this weekend and I heard Brandon Harrison was committing somewhere else today."

Comments: The Irish have a ways to go to smooth things over with Nelson. This top prospect seems very wide open at this point. Notre Dame will have to get a wide receivers coach and some phone time with Nelson soon to still have a shot at Nelson. Top Stories