Sharpley Excited About Weis Conversation

Quarterback Evan Sharpley has been patiently waiting by the phone for his first chance to speak with new Irish head coach Charlie Weis. The 6-2, 200-pound quarterback got his chance on Tuesday night. What did Sharpley think of Weis?

"I just talked to him a while ago," said Evan Sharpley when asked if he'd spoken with coach Weis. "He told me this is a great place to be right now for a quarterback. He told he he loves to teach quarterbacks, and this is a place where all quarterbacks should want to be."

Weis made a solid first impression with Marshall, Mich. native.

"He asked me where I stood and I said I'm still going to Notre Dame," said Sharpley. "He said he was happy to hear that and said I was just as important as anyone and he'd try to call me every week."

We asked Sharpley what Weis said about his assistant coaching staff.

"He didn't mention any assistants," said Sharpley. "He said he was hoping to have his assistants in very soon. He said he wants to have a staff in soon so they can take over recruiting and he can focus on winning the Super Bowl."

Did he and Sharpley talks some Xs and Os?

No, we didn't have time to really get into that," said Sharpley. "He did talk about what he wanted out of a quarterback and how we would attack. He said he liked to set up a defense and loved play action and hitting teams with the deep ball."

Weis also said he already had high expectations for Sharpley.

"He said he wants me to come in and compete right away," Sharpley said. "He said the best way for all of us to get better is for all of us to compete against each other. If everyone is pushing the starter, the starter will be that much better."

How did Sharpley feel after his conversation?

"I was real glad to hear from him," he said. "He confirmed his interest in me. It was just nice to know what to expect. Hopefully we can restore what we had with this recruiting class and get some of these guys to commit." Top Stories