Is Roche Still Interested in Notre Dame?

Ramsey, N.J. offensive lineman Brian Roche had previously made a commitment to Rutgers. The 6-5, 300-pound offensive tackle prospect recently de-committed from Rutgers and is talking to a number of schools. Has Roche heard from new Irish coach Charlie Weis? Is he interested in Notre Dame?

Offensive lineman Brian Roche has already visited one school since his de-commitment from Rutgers.

"I went to Michigan State already and I'm visiting Louisville this weekend," said Roche. "I have North Carolina State on January 14. I'm also looking at Notre Dame, Virginia Tech and U. Conn as my last two visits. Notre Dame and U. Conn lead for that last visit."

Roche said he has has not heard from new Irish coach Charlie Weis, but his coach has.

"Coach Weis called my coach today," said Roche. "He said he'd be talking to me in the next few days."

Is Roche interested in Notre Dame?

"Yeah, I'm pretty interested. He's a pro guy and that's a little different and exciting," said Roche. "I think he can give an insight that some coaches don't have.

"I think he really gives Notre Dame a chance to turn things around from where they've been the last few years."

So what is Roche's opinion of Weis?

"I really don't know because I haven't talked to him," said Roche. "My coach told me he knows exactly what he's talking about and seems to have a good plan for where he's taking Notre Dame. I'll know more after I talk to him."

Does Roche have any in-home visits this week?

"I had North Carolina State and Michigan State in last week and I just gone done with one from U. Conn," said Roche. "I have coach Petrino coming in tomorrow."

Comments: We expect the Irish to go after Roche pretty hard in the next few weeks. Don't be surprised if he hears from Weis and Notre Dame real soon. Top Stories