Irish Prospects Remain Interested

Irish Eyes spoke to a number of prospects on Sunday night. Did the Irish make it through the weekend without any bad news?

Akron defensive end Lawrence Wilson experienced the very first Charlie Weis in-home visit as Notre Dame's head coach.

We spoke with Wilson to find out what he thought of this first in-home visit.

"it went real well. I really liked him," said Wilson of his in-home visit with new Irish head coach Charlie Weis. "We talked a lot about recruiting and what he plans to do on both offense and defense. We talked about what he was looking for in his assistant coaches, and basically what his plan was for Notre Dame."

We asked Wilson if Weis mentioned any names for his assistant coaches.

"No, he didn't mention any names. He said he'd know that within a week or so," said Wilson.

The Weis visit put the Irish back in the running for Wilson's signature.

"They're definitely back in the running," said Wilson. "It was a good visit. He's a really open guy. He's won three Super Bowls so he knows what he's doing. We talked a lot about his plan on both sides of the ball."

Lawrence wasn't the only person impressed with Weis.

"I think my parents like him a lot," Wilsons aid. "My mom came in a little late but my dad was there the whole time. I think both of them really liked him."

The Buckeyes, however, still hold the lead at this point.

"Yeah they do," said Wilson when asked if Ohio State was his leader. "I plan to take two more visits before deciding."

We asked Wilson which schools he planned to visit.

"I'm going to take a visit to Florida. I don't have that schedule yet. And I'm taking a visit to Michigan sometime in Janaury. I don't have that scheduled yet either. I'll decide sometime at the end of January."

Kansas City wide receiver D.J. Hord recently returned from an official vist to Wisconsin.

"I liked it. It was nice. They have a nice campus and the players made me feel like they've known me forever," said Hord of his official visit to Wisconsin this weekend.

We asked Hord if he felt like Wisconsin was a schools he felt he could see himself at.

"Possibly, I liked it there," he said. "The weather was kind of harsh, but it wasn't that bad. I had a good weekend there. I like it a lot."

Hord also had an in-home visit with Notre Dame this past week.

"That went very well," said Hord. "It was very informative. He said they really needed some skills guys there at Notre Dame. We talked about the education, and what the daily schedule was like there. He said that coach Weis would meet with the old staff on Friday and see who wanted to stay and then fill out his coaching staff from there."

The Irish continue to be high on Hord's list.

"I'm just kind of waiting to see who their wide receiver coach is going to be," said Hord. "I want to talk to him and see what is going on. I like everything else about Notre Dame."

Hord said he still plans to take an official visit to Notre Dame.

"I'm hoping to take my visit there in the first two weeks of January," said Hord. "Then I'll probably have to wait to take my LSU visit."

The Kansas City native isn't sure he'll take his LSU visit.

"I might want to make my decision before then," said Hord. "I don't know if I'll take that visit or not."

Detroit wide receiver David Grimes has been committed to Notre Dame since July, but he also went on an official visit this weekend to Iowa.

"It went well," said Grimes of his official visit to Iowa City this weekend. "I enjoyed it there."

We asked David why he decided to take a visit to Iowa.

"My coach and I decided to do it before Notre Dame hired coach Weis," he said. "We didn't want to be left in limbo so we thought it would be a good idea."

The Iowa visit did impress Grimes, but the Detroit native says that Notre Dame is where he plans to attend college.

"I'm still committed to Notre Dame," said Grimes. "I still want to come down there and meet the new coaching staff and get a feel for them. That's really important to me now."

The Irish have been putting in some overtime in when recruiting Grimes.

"They came by on Thursday to my school and coach Weis called me on Friday," said Grimes. "He told me to take the Iowa visit, but not to do anything crazy.

"We talked about what he plans to do with the offense. He said he has nothing against smaller wide receivers and uses them often in the Patriots offense. I look forward to meeting him."

So where do that leave Iowa?

"I'm still committed to Notre Dame, but they're in the running," Grimes said. "I enjoyed it down there. I was impressed with their coaching staff."

Grimes also visited with another former Irish commitment in David Nelson.

"He said the same thing, really," Grimes said of Nelson. "He still likes Notre Dame, but he opened it up when they had a coaching change. He's pretty much in the same situation I'm in."

Will Grimes take any more visits?

"I'm not sure about that," said Grimes. "I need to talk to my coach about that. I might take another. I don't know."

We asked Grimes what other schools were involved for his signature at this point.

"Illinois is the other school I'm talking to," Grimes said. Top Stories