Irish Still Interested in Moriarty?

Goleta, Calif. athlete Kellen Moriarty has taken his first official visit of the season. The 6-0, 195-pound two-way star plans on taking more official visits. The Irish were interested in Moriarty at one point. Has Notre Dame been in touch with Moriarty recently?

Kellen Moriarty went on his first official visit to Colorado on Dec. 10.

"I loved it there," said Moriarty of his Colorado visit. "I loved the facilities, and the coaches were great. They were real down to earth. We didn't spend a lot of time with the players. I only a met a few, but I really liked the guys I met."

The Buffalos made a big impression on Moriarty, but he said they still have yet to offer him a scholarship.

"They talked to me about offering me, but they said they wanted to wait and see what happened," Moriary said. "They said it's a numbers thing, but if they didn't offer me, they were very interested in gray-shirting me."

Moriarty says he's still talking to a number of schools at this point.

"I'm definitely visiting UNLV sometime in late January," he said. "I haven't scheduled that yet. Washington called me and I've also heard from Notre Dame."

We asked Moriarty when Notre Dame last spoke to him.

"I talked to coach Gonzales last Thursday," Moriarty said. "He just told me to hold on and that they were still interested in me. I'll just wait to hear back from them again."

Washington also contacted Moriarty recently.

"Washington wants me to come up for a visit," he said. "Coach Tomey called me and wanted me to visit. He didn't know if he'd have a job with them at that point, but I've heard he is staying at Washington. They've called me since coach Willingham took over there."

We asked Moriarty what his futures plans were with regards to recruiting.

"I'd say I'm looking at everyone right now," he said. "I'm really open to anyone. I'll wait and see what happens."

What about Notre Dame?

"We'll see who they hire as their coaches," Moriarty said. "I don't know how interested they are in me. We'll see what happens. I know they are interviewing Mike Haywood and I know him. He and my dad played together."

Comments: Moriarty seems wide open at this point. He's also in a strange position as three teams he's considering are going through coaching changes. Washington and UNLV had offered him before they made their coaching changes. We'll check back with Kellen soon to see if the Irish remain in contact. Top Stories