Irish Offer Turkovich

Valley Forge Military Academy is home to offensive line prospect Michael Turkovich. The 6-7, 285-pound tackle prospect has become a top prospect and recently received and offer from Notre Dame. What did Turkovich think of his Irish offer?

Offensive tackle Michael Turkovich has parlayed his first season as an offensive lineman into a DI scholarship.

"I play offensive tackle," said Turkovich. "This is my first year playing offensive line. I played tight end before this year and I gained 50 pounds to play tackle after weighing about 230 last year. It's be a change because you don't get the ball, but I like it quite a bit."

The move has paid off for Turkovich as a number of schools have offered him a full scholarship.

"Boston College, North Carolina, North Carolina State, West Virginia, LSU, Wisconsin, Duke and now Notre Dame have offered me," Turkovich said when asked which schools are after him.

The Irish recently offered and Turkovich is very excited about the Irish offer.

"My whole family was thrilled when they found out I was offered by Notre Dame," said Turkovich. "My grandparents, my parents, my whole family are Notre Dame fans. I've been out there for a few games so it was really exciting when the offer came.

"The Willingham staff was about to offer me, but they didn't before they go fired. I was really excited when coach Weis called me."

New Irish head coach Charlie Weis made a positive impression during his first conversation with Turkovich.

"He told me he was really busy," said Turkovich with a laugh. "He had been trying to reach me for awhile. He finally did and he asked me if I would be interested. I told him I was and then the next week he called and offered me. I was excited because I thought it would be a good choice for me."

Two other schools stand out for Turkovich as well.

"I'd say Notre Dame and Boston College are my leaders, and Wisconsin too. I like those three," Turkovich said.

The tackle prospect says he has yet to finalize a visit date with the Irish, however.

"We are working on that," said Turkovich of a visit to South Bend. "We are talking about the second weekend of January, but that depends on when coach Weis will be there. If he won't be there the second weekend, then he's going to come see me at my school instead.

"I think the most important thing is to meet coach Weis at this point. I've already been to Notre Dame so I know what the campus is like. I just want to talk to coach Weis and his staff to get a better understanding of what his plans are and what his staff will be like."

Turkovich has already visited Boston College, Wisconsin and LSU officially and says his Notre Dame visit will likely be his last.

"I don't plan on taking any more visits after my Notre Dame visit," he said. "I'm pretty much down to these schools. I should be able to make a decision shortly after my Notre Dame visit. Whenever I get that feeling is when I'll commit."

Comments: The Irish appear to be in great shape with Turkovich. We get the feeling that a solid visit will make Notre Dame hard to beat. We'll check back soon with Turkovich to see if he's confirmed his visit date with Notre Dame. Top Stories