Will Roche Visit Notre Dame?

Ramsey, N.J. offensive line prospect Brian Roche has been finalizing his official visit list recently. The 6-5, 300-pound offensive tackle prospect recently had an in-home visit with Irish head coach Charlie Weis and we spoke with Roche after his visit to find out if Roche plans to visit Notre Dame. Do the Irish still have a shot at this Scout.com four-star prospect?

Offensive tackle prospect Brian Roche entertained new Irish head coach Charlie Weis last night for an in-home visit.

"It went well," said Roche of the Weis visit. "We met at my coach's house because it was easier. We met at 5:30 PM and I think we left around 8:30 PM. It was a pretty good visit."

We asked Roche what was discussed during the visit.

"We talked a whole bunch about his plans for the offense and where they are headed," Roche said. "He met my parents and we just spoke about what Notre Dame can do for me, and what he can do for me."

Roche said the visit went well enough to schedule a visit with Notre Dame.

"I'm going to take a visit there," he said. "It will probably be either on the 7th or the 28th of this month. I'd like to do it on the 7th, but I have midterms and I'm trying to work around that. It might be on the 22nd, but the Patriots would have to lose. I want to go when coach Weis is there so I'm going to have to work around that."

Roche has already visited Michigan State and Louisville and also plans to schedule another visit to Florida.

"Coach Adazzio was here already and I'm going to take a visit there," Roche said of Florida. "I'm trying to work around it all. I haven't set up my final visit. I'm kind of saving that to see what happens."

Comments: The Irish will get a visit, but were just not sure when. The good news for Irish fans is that he will visit. Roche said he'd e-mail me when he knew for sure if he was taking the visit this weekend. It would be ideal for Notre Dame if he could because Notre Dame will have three other top offensive linemen on campus. We'll let you know if he plans to visit as soon as we know for sure.

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