Bruton Set For Irish Visit

Miamisburgh, Ohio defensive back David Bruton recently reconfirmed his commitment to Notre Dame. All that's left for the 6-3, 190-pound safety prospect is to officially visit Notre Dame at this point, and Bruton will do just that this weekend. We spoke with Bruton to find out if he's heard from any members of the new Irish coaching staff, and to get his thoughts on his visit this weekend.

David Bruton is all smiles these days now that he's reconfirmed his commitment to Notre Dame. The top safety target says he's been in touch with more than one Irish assistant already.

"I've talked to coach Minter and coach Polian already," said Bruton. "I haven't talked to coach Polian much, but he's supposed to call me later tonight or this week about my visit."

Bruton has spoken with Irish defensive coordinator Rick Minter at great length, however.

"Coach Minter came to my house on Sunday," said Bruton. "I really liked talking with him. He's a very serious guy. He's strictly business, but that's what you need in a coach. He got me all fired up to play defense. You can tell he knows what he's talking about.

"You can tell he's going to be a coach that's going to be on you, but that's the type of coach you need. We talked a lot about the defense we'll be running."

We asked Bruton if Minter told him which coaches will handle the defensive backfield coaching.

"He said coach Polian and coach Lewis would be coaching the defensive backs," Bruton said. "He didn't say if one had corners and the other had safeties or anything like that. He said coach Polian would also handle special teams. That's all he really said."

Next on the schedule for Bruton is his official visit and he's excited about that.

"I'll get to see some of those guys again so I'm excited," said Bruton. "I'll get to settle this X-box thing with Kevin (Washington). He and I talk on the phone and the internet all the time. I'm excited to meet all the coaches and coach Weis."

Bruton is certain on one thing, however. He's sold on Notre Dame.

"It's done, it's over and I'm happy about that," said Bruton of his recruitment. "Just give me the papers to sign." Top Stories