Irish Land First Commitment of the Weekend

Wayne, Pa. offensive lineman Michael Turkovich became the first official commitment from Notre Dame's first recruiting weekend of the season. We spoke to Turkovich just minutes ago to confirm his commitment to Notre Dame. Did anyone else commit?

Offensive lineman Michael Turkovich was thrilled to announce he's committed to Notre Dame.

"They visit went great," Turkovich said. "I loved it there. We had a great time."

We asked Turkovich if he did commit this weekend.

"I did commit," Turkovich said. "I committed because of the education, and I believe is what coach Weis is going to do. I believe in him. I think very good things are on the way for Notre Dame."

We asked him if his family enjoyed the visit as well.

"They loved it," he said. "They were very excited and behind my decision. They are very happy for me."

With the rumor that Paul Duncan also committed as well, we asked Turkovich if he had and if he knew of any other commitments the Irish might've received over the weekend.

"Duncan did commit," he said. "I know that. I'm not sure on the rest of the guys so I won't say anything on that." Top Stories