Schwapp Thrilled With Decision

Hartford, Conn. fullback Asaph Schwapp never wavered in his commitment to Notre Dame despite the coaching change. The 6-0, 240-pound fullback told Irish Eyes during the coaching change he just wanted to know two things. No. 1, what kind of offense the new coach would run. No. 2, he wanted to meet the new coach. Schwapp has now accomplished both, and he couldn't be happier with his decision.

Fullback commitment Asaph Schwapp has patiently waited for his chance to meet the new Irish coaching staff. He got his chance this past weekend.

"I loved the whole visit," he said. "I really liked coach Charlie Weis. "I got to spend some time with him and we talked about what he is trying to do. The one thing he stressed to me is that he hates to lose. He said they were not going to lose at Notre Dame. I love his attitude."

Another person Schwapp was excited to meet was his position coach Michael Haywood.

"I can't wait to be coached by him," Schwapp said of Haywood. "He obviously has great credentials coming in. He coached a lot of guys at LSU that are in the NFL and the guy from Texas is obviously going to the NFL. He's a good guy. I really got along with him very well."

Haywood also told Schwapp something the liked hearing.

"He told me to report in shape and I'd have an opportunity to play right away," he said. "I obviously liked hearing that."

Freshman linebacker Abdel Banda served as Schwapp's host of the weekend.

"Abdel was cool," Schwapp said. "He kept it real with me. He told me exactly what to expect. I had a great time with the players. We hung out mostly at Brandon Hoyte's house. It was Kevin Washington, David Bruton, Tregg Duerson, Ray Herring, pretty much all of us. We had a lot of fun together."

We asked Schwapp to give us the real scoop on Weis' personality when relating to recruits. The Hartford, Conn. native didn't let us down.

"He kind of comes off cocky, but I mean that is a good way," he said. "He's extremely confident, and his message is that Notre Dame isn't going to lose anymore. He said he do about anything to make sure we didn't lose. You can tell he really thinks we're going to win."

If there is one thing I'm certain of, Charlie Weis is going to love Asaph Schwapp. Talking with Schwapp's coach you'll quickly learn that the fullback prospect loves to get his hands dirty in blocking, and will do anything you ask of him. Schwapp will certainly fill the nasty role while at Notre Dame. Top Stories