Hand Excited About Irish Visit

Philadelphia, Pa. defensive lineman Derrell Hand will take his final official visit to Notre Dame this weekend. We spoke with the 6-4, 300-pound Hand on Thursday night to get his thoughts on his visit this weekend.

Defensive lineman Derrell Hand says he's really excited about his visit this weekend.

"I'm very, very much looking forward to it," Hand said. "It's been a hectic week and I'm really anxious to get out there and enjoy myself. I'm excited about the visit."

Hand says he won't be in South Bend until late tonight.

"I have a basketball game so I won't be in until late," he said. "I think I get there some time after 11 PM."

We asked Hand what he would be looking for on his visit this weekend.

"I'm just looking to see how it feels there," he said. "I'll see if I can enjoy myself and enjoy being around the players. I just want to see if I can gel with the team and how I like everything."

The only other scheduled official visit this weekend is for committed linebacker Scott Smith. We asked Hand if the lack of prospects on this visit weekend would bother him.

"In some ways it's good because I'll get a lot of attention and time with the new coaching staff," Hand said. "But I also won't know many guys in my class that would be coming with me in the same class if I went there. I don't think it will matter."

Derrell is traveling with his mom on the visit, and we asked Derrell if there was a chance he might commit if he has a knockout visit.

"I don't think I'll commit right then and there," Hand said. "But depending on the trip, I could shortly afterwards. Notre Dame has a pretty good chance. I have high hopes for this weekend. I'm hoping I like it there."

We also asked Derrell when he planned to return home so we could reach him to find out about his visit.

"I'm not sure when we're supposed to be home," he said. "I hope we're not traveling during the Eagles game. I don't want to miss that."

Comments: It sounds like the Irish are in good shape with Hand heading into this weekend. It wouldn't surprise us if the Irish landed Hand soon depending on his visit.

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