Does Lorig Still Plan to Visit Notre Dame?

Rolling Hills, Calif. defensive lineman Erik Lorig has narrowed his list down to four. The 6-4, 250-pound defensive tackle prospect had planned to visit Notre Dame this past weekend. Those plans changed, however, and we caught up with Lorig on Monday to find out if he still planned to take an official visit to Notre Dame.

"I was going to come on a visit, but I found out coach Weis wasn't going to be there," said Erik Lorig on why he canceled his visit to Notre Dame. "I liked coach Weis, but he's kind of busy doing his own thing. I didn't think a visit would make sense if he wasn't going to be there."

We asked Lorig if Notre Dame had asked him to visit on the 28th when Weis would be there.

"They have," he said. "That might be pushing it too far though. I thinking about making my decision in the next week or so. It's getting too close to the wire."

Lorig said he'll likely decide between four schools.

"I don't have a leader right now," Lorig said. "I'll decide between USC, Cal, Stanford and UCLA."

We asked Lorig if the Irish were still trying to get an in-home visit to convince him to visit.

"Yeah they are," he said. "I got a message on my cell phone from their defensive line coach. I don't think I'll schedule one. I just think I'll decide between those four.

Comments: At this point it appears the Irish are out of the race. Unless Weis can convince him to come this weekend, the Irish are likely out of the race. Top Stories