Nelson Enjoys In-home With Irish

Rider, Texas wide receiver David Nelson has been a busy man lately. Fresh off his Army All-American game appearance, Nelson has had an in-home visit from Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz, and he just entertained Irish wide receivers coach Rob Ianello last evening. We spoke with Nelson late to get his thoughts on his visit with Ianello.

"I thought it went well," said David Nelson of his visit with Ianello. "It was the first time I had a coach to sit down and visit with him. It was the first time I had the chance to sit down and talk to somebody from Notre Dame in awhile. It was nice to talk to him man-to-man."

Nelson said meeting Ianello was important to him.

"I think it all starts with a comfort level," he said. "You have to have a comfort level with your position coach, and then you have to have a comfort level with your head coach. But you have to know your position coach and I'm starting to get to know coach Ianello."

The 6-5, 190-pound Nelson has seemed a little upset with Notre Dame in recent interviews so we asked him why he appears irked with the Irish.

"I would say I was a little upset," said Nelson. "As soon as coach Weis was hired he said I would be a top priority. He said he'd stay in touch with me and let me know what is going on. I hadn't been hearing from him or Notre Dame as much as the other schools, and I've seen he's visited other players and it makes me question how much of a priority I really am.

"I talked to coach Ianello about it tonight, and he explained that he couldn't really answer my questions on that because he was just getting hired and it was really hectic around there at that time. But I had all these other schools doing an all-out blitz on me and Notre Dame was calling me about once a week."

Nelson did say that he's starting to feel a lot better about the situation, however.

"Now that I have someone like coach Ianello here talking to me and answering my questions, it's a huge relief off my mind," Nelson said. "I just mainly wanted to have my questions answered and he answered them tonight."

We asked Nelson what his future plans were at this point.

"Well, I'm going to Florida this weekend," he said. "Texas just offered me so I'm not sure what I plan to do with that. I should decide sometime after my Florida visit. I'm not sure if I'll take a visit to Texas or what."

We asked Nelson what coach Ianello told him about their situation and future.

"Coach Ianello promised me that if coach Weis loses this weekend that he'll come down and see me," Nelson said. "That would be nice if that happened. It would be hard for me to choose Notre Dame without meeting coach Weis.

"He said if coach Weis didn't lose that they'd send a bunch of coaches down here next week to see me. We'll just have to wait and see what happens."

Comments: The Ianello visit has seemed to smooth some things out for Nelson, but I do believe there is still a lot of work the Irish must do to ease his mind. It may be too late for Notre Dame at this point, but I also believe there are quite a few more cards left to be played in this hand before a winner is decided. Top Stories