Lorig Enjoys Irish Visit

Rolling Hills, Calif. defensive lineman Erik Lorig took his final official visit this weekend to Notre Dame. Irish Eyes spoke with the 6-4, 255-pound Lorig to get his thoughts on his recent visit. What did Lorig have to say about his Notre Dame visit?

"The visit went fantastic," said Erik Lorig of his Irish visit. "It really went well."

We asked Lorig if he was surprised he liked it so much.

"I wasn't really suprised because I expected it to be great considering the coaching staff they're putting together," he said. "I really did like it a lot though."

Lorig had all but eliminated Notre Dame just a few weeks ago. We asked if he was glad he took the visit.

"Yeah, I'm really glad I did," Lorig said. "I was very impressed by it."

But what about the cold weather?

"I don't care at all about the cold weather," he said. "I enjoy cold weather. It didn't bother me at all."

Lorig said he spent a lot of time hanging out with the team.

"Chris Frome was my host," Lorig said. "He is a great guy. We hung out with Sullivan a lot. I don't know his first name. I just know him as Sullivan. He's a great guy. I really got along well with the players."

What about coach Weis?

"He's a force," Lorig said of the new Irish head coach. "He's a very impressive person. ND is going to win big in the next couple of year, and I bet it's next year. He's not going to lose. I know that. He knows what it takes to win, and that's hard work."

Do the Irish have a good shot at this point?

"I'd say they have a real good chance," Lorig said. "With the type of coaching staff they have coming in, I'm very impressed with them. Their facility is going to be outstanding. It's only about 75 percent done, but you can see it's probably going to be the top facility in the country. I also really liked the team."

Erik wasn't the only person impressed with the visit.

"My dad really liked it," Lorig said. "He was thoroughly impressed with the place. Everything from the coaches, the players to the school itself. He really liked it."

So what are Lorig's future plans?

"I'll probably decide in a day or two," Lorig said. "It might be tomorrow. I need to think about it for a bit. I need to sort everything out. I might decide by tomorrow."

Comments: Suprisingly the Irish are in the race for Lorig. He seemed to really enjoy his visit and the Notre Dame coaching staff. Was it enough to land him? We'll have to see. I'm much more optimistic of Notre Dame's chances to land him than I was before he came. Either way, coach Wies and his staff did a fantastic job of recruiting Lorig just to get him to visit considering they were out just weeks ago, but his signature is all that matters in the end.

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