Predictions on the Final Four

With less than 24 hours left until signing day, the Irish are zeroed in on four prospects and are awaiting their final decisions. All four would be considered solid "gets" for the Irish. Which players will likely choose Notre Dame?

With less than 24 hours left, we thought we'd give our predictions on how the final day of recruiting will end up for the Irish. Please don't take our predictions to the bank, because we're doing this for fun. Here's a look at the final four.

Philadelphia, Pa. linebacker Steve Quinn visited Notre Dame last weekend and has been trying to make his final decision since. Quinn committed to Penn State back in September, but he decided to take a visit to Notre Dame this past weekend.

We've heard Quinn loved his visit but is struggling with choosing Notre Dame out of loyalty to his commitment to Penn State. We believe Quinn will ultimately choose Notre Dame in the end, but he does seem pretty torn between the two. A decision was supposed to be made last night. So far we haven't heard if a decision was actually made.

Ramsey, N.J. offensive lineman Brian Roche will announce tomorrow afternoon on CSTV between Notre Dame and Louisville. Roche also visited Notre Dame this past weekend, and we've heard he really enjoyed his visit to Notre Dame.

Roche hasn't tipped his hand since returning from his Irish visit, but we do believe he'll choose Notre Dame in the end.

Akron, Ohio defensive end Lawrence Wilson's decision will be announced on ESPN television at 3:40 EST on Wednesday. Notre Dame, Ohio State and Florida are all still under consideration at this point, but most consider this a Notre Dame/Ohio State battle.

The Irish have trailed Ohio State since the firing of Tyrone Willingham. Have they made up enough ground? The Irish don't have a lot of luck when it comes to players making decision on ESPN (Lorenzo Booker). But, we're going to call for the upset and the Irish squeak out a victory. This race is really too close to call, but our gut tells us Notre Dame.

Rolling Hills, Calif. defensive lineman Erik Lorig all but eliminated Notre Dame two weeks ago, but Irish head coach Charlie Weis convinced Lorig to visit last weekend. Notre Dame, USC, Cal and Stanford are considered the final four for Lorig.

Lorig loved his visit to Notre Dame, and he sure sounded like a player about to choose the Irish when we spoke with him shortly after returning from his visit. However, we still think the distance from home, and the fact that he told us his mother doesn't like to fly will force Lorig to choose another school in the end. We're going to predict Stanford, but we wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if he chose the Irish.

We'll know soon enough where these final four end up. Landing three out of the four prospects would be impressive. Can Weis close four out of four? Top Stories