No Time Set for Lorig Announcement

Rolling Hills, Calif. defensive lineman Erik Lorig should make his decision today, but we spoke with Erik's father on Tuesday night and discovered that no time had been set for his announcement. Are the Irish still in the race for Lorig?

Irish Eyes was able to speak briefly with the father of Erik Lorig on Tuesday night to get an update on his decision.

"He hasn't made it yet," said Mr. Lorig on his son's final decision. "We're trying to get that figured out. He's at a basketball game right now."

Will Erik be announcing at a press conference?

"I think he's more worried about making his decision right now than worrying about pulling a hat out of a bag," Mr. Lorig said. "That's not really Erik's style. I think he's just trying to decide more than anything."

We asked Mr. Lorig how he thought Erik would announce his decision.

"He'll just call the coaches," he said. "He'll also call the other coaches as well before he says anything."

Are the Irish still in the race?

"That's really up to Erik to say," Mr. Lorig said. "All I can say is I was really impressed with Charlie Weis, but that's up for Erik to say. It's his decision."

Comments: To be honest, I have no clue which school he's going to choose. I'm totally in the dark on this one. Top Stories