Offers on the Table Already for Strozier

Two years ago it was running back Tony Temple. Last season it was wide receiver D.J. Hord. The next in the line of highly recruited players from Rockhurst high school in Kansas City, Mo. will be Philip Strozier. At 6-0, 180 pounds, Strozier is a big corner and will certainly be a hot name in 2005. We spoke with Rockhurst coach Tony Severino to find out some particulars on Strozier. Will the Irish have a shot at Strozier?

Every college coach in the country will be out looking for tall corners that can cover. It's probably no surprise that Rockhusrt high school coach Tony Severino has just that type of player in Philip Strozier. Severino has been sending kids to top schools for many years.

"That's our next one," said Tony Severino of Strozier. "He's pretty much out of that same mold. Maybe even a little more polished football player than D.J. at this stage in his career. He's got all the tools to be a great one."

"He's playing at a position that everyone wants," Severino said. "He's a shut-down, cover corner. He's another in a long line of (Division I) guy's we've had here."

So what makes Strozier so special?

"He's a big, strong kid, and he's got a lot of wiggle," Severino said of Strozier. "He's going to take over for D.J. at receiver, and he alternated with D.J. at a wide receiver spot this year at times. He can do it on both sides of the ball, but he's really a great shut-done guy. You can play man with him; you can even play cover two with him because he's big enough to hit you on the run. He'll come up and hit you.

"He's a physical corner. He's got those great hips. He's also the starting point guard on our basketball team, and he runs the hurdles in track so he's a good athlete."

Strozier didn't have eye-popping stats on defense last season, but Severino says that was the result of the respect he's earned from opposing teams.

"He was our fourth-leading tackler from our corner spot," he said. "He had 54 tackles and four interceptions last year. That doesn't sound like much, but people just wouldn't throw his way--they wouldn't challenge him."

A number of schools have already offered Strozier, and Severino thinks many more are on the way.

"He's already been offered by Kansas, Missouri, K-State, locally here, they've all offered him," said Severino. "We had another player go to Boston College this year and Boston College is probably going to offer him soon. He'll be a coast-to-coast guy."

With the Irish, academics are always a concern, especially when it comes to defensive backs. We asked Severino how well Strozier is doing in the classroom.

"He's a good student, great academics, very polite young man. He's going to have a lot of options," Severino said.

There is also some good news for the Irish according to Severino.

"With D.J. going to Notre Dame, he and D.J. are good friends so that will give Notre Dame kind of an in there," Severino said. "He's another good fit for Notre Dame."

Comments: Obviously Notre Dame will be recruiting Strozier heavily. He's just the type of athlete they need to get back to the top. We'll be calling Philip shortly to get his thoughts on recruiting and the Irish. Stay tuned for more on Strozier shortly. Top Stories