Michigan Athlete Likes Irish

Allen Park, Mich. is home to athlete Derek Brighton. The 6-0, 175-pound corner prospect is said to be one of the top players in Michigan in 2005. Brighton is already receiving attention from some top schools including Notre Dame. We spoke with Brighton on Monday night to find out about this top prospect.

Athlete Derek Brighton is considered a top player in Michigan for 2005. The talented two-way player wasn't certain on his stats when we spoke with him on Monday night.

"I'm not really sure of my stats," Brighton said. "I know I had over 960 yards rushing, and I'm not sure on my tackles on defense."

A number of schools have been recruiting Brighton pretty heavily already.

"Purdue, Central Michigan, Wisconsin, Stanford, Princeton... Those are the schools recruiting me the hardest right now," Brighton said. "I'm getting letters from a bunch of schools."

Many underclassmen end up attending camps over the summer and we asked Brighton if he's ever attended football camps, and if he plans to attend any this year.

"I went to Michigan State's camp last year," Brighton said. "I'll probably go to a few this year. I'm not really sure where I'm going to go. I'm sure I'll get around pretty good."

Brighton did say he's attended a number of games in the past on unofficial visits.

"I went to the Notre Dame/Michigan game last year," he said. "I've been to a couple of Michigan games, and I've got to a couple of games at Michigan State as well."

Junior days area other big recruiting tools that colleges use. Expect Brighton to hit a few of those this spring.

"I'm going to a Michigan junior day for a basketball game later this month," he said. "I'll probably try to make a few more if I can."

Did Brighton have a favorite team growing up that he cheered for?

"No, not really," he said. "I didn't really have one in particular. I just kind of watched it."

We asked Brighton if he had some early favorites that he's been watching.

"I'd say I like Notre Dame a lot," Brighton said. "Michigan State, oh, and Wisconsin too."

What about Notre Dame impresses Brighton?

"I like all the history and tradition behind it all," Brighton said. "I've been watching and reading a lot about Notre Dame and their coaching change. I like what I hear about coach Weis. He's obviously done a good job with the Patriots."

Brighton is also a solid student with a 3.6 in his core g.p.a., but he has yet to take his test.

Don't look for Brighton to make an early decision at this point.

"I plan to take all my visits," he said. "I want to see which school grabs me, and I want to take a look at a lot of different schools. Location will be important. The campus and the coaches will also be important to me, and the education."

Comments: It's very early in the process but the Irish do appear to have a very good chance with Brighton. He seems interested, and we'd assume he'll likely hit a junior day at Notre Dame this spring as well. We'll keep you up to date on Brighton all year.

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