Top Offensive Line Prospect Interested in Irish?

Andre Smith could be the best offensive lineman in the country. He's already impressed with his workout at the U.S. Army combine, where he was named the MVP of the junior combine. Will Notre Dame be on his list of college choices?

Andre Smith (6-4, 315 lbs.) from Huffman high school in Birmingham, Ala. already has every college in the country looking his direction. It's impossible to watch his film and not be amazed. Smith is incredibly quick and agile. He's powerful and really gets after it while playing through the whistle.

I've been following recruiting for some time, and I'm not sure I've ever seen an offensive line prospect move like Smith. I was even more stunned when I found out that he was 315 pounds. Smith is so good that he has already been invited to the 2006 U.S. Army all-star game.

It would be natural for a kid growing up in the football-crazed state of Alabama to focus on the Auburn and the Crimson Tide, but Smith says he's wide open at this point.

"I don't have a favorite team, and I didn't really have a favorite growing up, but I watch a lot of football," said Smith. "I love college football. It seems like they have more fun and they play with more emotion (than pro teams)."

Smith has already traveled to in-state Auburn and Alabama, so it's likely that they'll be in the race. It's also certain that nearly every school from coast to coast will be knocking on Smith's door trying to bend his ear. I asked Smith if there were any schools that stuck out at this time.

"Well, I get letters from everyone. The SEC and ACC schools have been recruiting me the most," Smith added. "I have offers from everyone in the SEC and plus Georgia Tech in the ACC."

Knowing that coach Weis and staff will target the top players in the nation, I asked Smith if he had any interest in Notre Dame.

"Yeah. I've talked to my coach about them," Smith said of Notre Dame. "When he coached at a different school he sent a couple players (Melvin and Kevin Dansby) up there to play. Notre Dame has sent me some information about the school and the new coach. I'll probably check them out."

Although a player with his athletic ability could easily excel on either side of the ball, Smith has played exclusively on the offensive side of the ball since he first started playing the game in the fifth grade. You'd also expect that an athlete of his caliber would play multiple sports, but up until this year, football has been the only sport Smith has played.

"I just started doing track," Smith said. "I do the discus and shot put. I also run the fat man relay."

I wasn't certain that I heard him correctly, so I paused and then verified that he indeed did say, "Fat man relay."

"It's a state-wide deal where the big guys that do discus and shot and run the 4 x 100 relay," Smith explained. "We're pretty good. We've even run against regular relay teams and have done pretty good. It's really just for fun though. My coach said we're going to run in every meet this year."

Some top prospects end up attending football camps over the summer. The Birmingham, Ala. native says he's planning on attending a few with some of his teammates.

"I haven't decided which camps I'll attend," he said. "I don't want to go to camps by myself, so I'm talking to some of my teammates to see where they want to go. I'll probably go to a couple."

There are a couple players from Huffman that could get looks from DI football schools. When you watch the film of Andre Smith, also pay attention to #74, Demarcus Williams. Williams is another 300-pound offensive lineman that plays for Huffman.

Comments: For as good as Smith is, and for as much attention as he's getting, he is still very humble. He was more excited when he talked about his teammates than he was when he talked about himself. I really think Smith is as wide open as he says. Right now he's gathering information on schools, so it might be some time until we get an idea of who the top schools are. Notre Dame should have a shot. Top Stories