Macaluso Has Three Offers

Linebacker Nick Macaluso is already considered a top player in the state of New Jersey. The 6-3, 225-pound inside linebacker prospect already has three offers and more are likely on the way. We spoke with the Middletown, N.J. native to find out his future plans regarding recruiting. Are the Irish involved with Macaluso?

Linebacker Nick Macaluso has all the tools to be a great college linebacker.

"I'm 6-3, 225 pounds," Macaluso said. "I had 90 tackles, 4 blocked punts and an interception last year."

We asked Macaluso if he has been timed recently in the 40.

"I just ran a 4.63 with my trainer today," he said.

The Middletown, N.J. native is also a hot name with college coaches so far.

"Rutgers, Boston College and Michigan State have offered me so far," he said. "Notre Dame, Stanford, Northwestern and Duke are the main schools I'm interested in right now."

Obviously all four schools have excellent reputations as academic schools and the reason Macaluso is interested in them.

"All four schools are excellent academic institutions," he said. "That's something that my family puts a priority on."

Macaluso also shines in the classroom and isn't the only family member playing football. "I have a 4.48 on a 4.5 scale," he said of his core g.p.a.. "My brother also plays football at Cornell."

Junior days are starting to heat up and Macaluso says he's attended one already.

"I went to Rutgers for their junior day," he said. "I'm going to go to one at Maryland, and I might make it out to Northwestern for their junior day. I'm not sure if I'll go to any camps. I haven't really decided on that yet. I plan to go to some schools around the spring time. I'm going to go to Duke, and then I'm going to go to the Chicago area and see Northwestern and Notre Dame."

Macaluso said he had two favorite teams growing up.

"I mainly followed Penn State and Notre Dame," he said. "I'm not as interested in Penn State right now."

He is, however, interested in the Irish.

"I really like their academics, and the prestige of the school is unbelievable," Macaluso said of the Irish. "I get letters from them. I don't know much about their coaching staff yet, but I like what I've read and heard about Charlie Weis."

Macaluso says he has a plan for making his college decision, but don't expect that decision to come any time soon.

"Besides academics, I'll mainly want to meet the coaches and check out the campus," he said when asked what he'll be looking for in a school. "The social life and how I fit in there will also be important.

"I don't think I'll make an early decision. I want to wait as long as I can so I know I'm finding the best possible fit. I might wait until signing day."

We asked Macaluso if his family had any preferences on where they'd like him to attend college.

"They just want me to get the best degree and a good education," he said. "Football will also play a factor in it, obviously."

Comments: Macaluso seems very interested in the best combination of football and academics he can find. He mentioned a number of times that the academic side of the equation will play a large role in his decision. The Irish should have a great shot at Macaluso, but don't count out any of his top schools at this point. Top Stories