Glass Has Early Top Five

After sharing the ball with USC bound Cary Harris in 2005, next season Rodney Glass will get the bulk of the carries as well as the recruiting attention at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, Calif.. What type of runner is Glass? Who is recruiting him? What schools are in his top five? Irish Eyes spoke with this top prospect and found out.

Rodney Glass (5-11, 175 pounds) is the next in a long line of talented players to strap on a helmet for Notre Dame high school. Glass rushed for 1,200 yards and 22 touchdowns while splitting the carries with Cary Harris. Besides Glass, Notre Dame has a couple other talented players coming back for the 2006 football season. Quarterback Gary Green will be a senior and he is getting the plenty of attention. Shane Horton, a wide receiver and cornerback, will only be a junior next season, but he has already shown signs of being a very good player.

But when the college recruiters descend on Notre Dame this season, their focus will probably be on Rodney Glass. Last year Glass was first-team all-league and first-team all-CIF division III. With those accolades you know Glass has to be good, but what type of runner is he?

"I have a lot of experience at running back. I've played the position since I was little," said Glass. "I think what makes me good is my vision. I see the field very well. I have very good speed and I anticipate where the hole will be.

"It's tough to describe. I just think I have a very good feel for the game."

You'd expect that a running back with the size of Glass would want to get to the corner and stay outside, but that's not the case.

"I love to run the counter or misdirection off the guard and tackle," explained Glass. "I like to get the defense moving one way, and then I hit it back. Once I get through the hole, I can use my speed. It seems like there's more potential for the big play."

Glass will get a chance to play on both sides of the ball next year.

"I'm going to play more cornerback next year," said Glass. "The majority of my time will be on offense, but I'm excited to play defense. I love to hit people.

"Most schools are recruiting me as a running back and I prefer that."

The Sherman Oaks, Calif. native is getting mail from just about every major program from around the country so there won't be a shortage of offers. We asked Rodney about the schools that were recruiting him.

"UCLA, USC, Oregon, Cal, Florida State, Florida and Notre Dame are recruiting me the most," Glass said.

"The Florida schools have produced some pretty good football players and football teams, my favorite player is Dion Sanders, but the distance might be a problem. I do have relatives in that area of the country, but that's a long way away. I wouldn't say they are very high on my list.

"Notre Dame is interesting. I'm getting a lot of letters from them -- I'd like to check them out. ND has great academics and a solid football program."

We asked Rodney what he knew about Notre Dame's new coach.

"I really don't know much about him, other than he's coming form the New England Patriots," he responded.

What other schools interest Glass?

"I grew up rooting for USC," said Glass. "Some of my family members went to USC.

"I've gone to the USC's football camp every year, for a long time."

That sounded like a pretty big endorsement for USC. Is USC his favorite?

"USC has sent coaches to my games to stay in touch," Glass said. "I'd say that USC is probably up there."

Besides USC, we asked Rodney to complete his top five.

"USC, Cal, ND, UCLA, and Oregon – maybe Oregon State," said Glass.

Glass reported a 2.5 cumulative g.p.a.. He will be taking the SAT March 12.

Comments: Glass was really a nice kid, thoughtful and well-spoken. He seemed pretty comfortable answering the question. Right now he's gathering information about schools like most kids in his position. I would be very tough for Notre Dame to get this California star to come east. The first step will be getting him on campus. Top Stories